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    ChainGuardians’ NFT Mining Platform Is A Game-Changer For Artists and Players

    People have always loved collecting rare and limited edition items, from baseball cards to fine wines, paintings and gemstones. NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are a breakthrough in collecting, because they certify proof of ownership and authenticity on blockchain. This cryptographic guarantee is a monumental opportunity for artists and original content creators around the world to share and monetize their work in a decentralized marketplace without middlemen.

    “NFTs will totally transform the creative industry by opening the door for original content creators to share their creations with their followers and monetize at the same time,” said Emma Liu, Co-Founder and CEO of ChainGuardians, one of the most exciting innovators in the NFT space. An anime-style superhero blockchain game, ChainGuardians combines the world’s first NFT mining platform and a free-to-play role-playing game that lets players earn income. 

    Liu said ChainGuardians is focused on creating new and different use cases for NFTs. The game’s novel NFT mining platform – where players can stake their NFTs to earn rewards – is  considered one of the most innovative new products in the blockchain gaming/NFT space, while its role-playing strategy game offers play-to-earn opportunities with interoperable NFTs.

    “Our vision is to enable mass adoption of blockchain through creating imaginative, innovative and immersive cross-chain gaming experiences and educating users with a world-class UI/UX platform,” Liu said. In addition to introducing a DeFi element into traditional gameplay, ChainGuardians’ rich storytelling is imbued with beautiful artwork created by talent who’s worked with legends like DC Comics, Nintendo and Disney.

    This week, ChainGuardians announced its integration of Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function), which provides smart contracts with a verifiable source of on-chain randomness. “VRF allows for customizations of the NFTs while keeping the smart contacts behind these customizations secure,” Liu said. 

    This functionality is exemplified by ChainGuardians’ newly-released Chainlink superhero NFT, Zorare, available in 16 unique colors with varying degrees of rarity. VRF ensures that all players have a provably fair and unbiased means to generate rare NFTs, where the randomness driving color assignments is auditable and free from third-party interference. 

    While ChainGuardians’ innovative approach to NFTs is a milestone for both artists and gamers, Liu expects an avalanche of creative new use cases in the future. “Everyone in the space now is still considered early adopters. I think we are still far away from mass adoption, as we are continuing to explore the endless potential of NFTs.”

    To learn more about ChainGuardians check out their official site, blog, Twitter, Discord, Telegram and Instagram.

    Read more about Chainlink’s latest integrations here.

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