Chainlink Today Content Submission Guidelines

  1. No price or market discussion. Content should be focused on interesting use cases, new technical developments or relevant news you want to share.
  2. If you are submitting content as a member of the Chainlink Ecosystem and you do not have a public announcement with Chainlink yet, please wait until you do to submit. 
  3. You can only submit content once every two weeks. If a piece is not accepted, it still counts as a submission. If you submit more than once every two weeks, the content will automatically be rejected. 
  4. Content must be high quality and between 400 and 800 words. Grammar, spelling, and other inaccuracies should be minimal. We recommend using a spell checker or a tool like Grammarly prior to submitting. 
  5. Our editorial staff may reach out to you to correct some simple mistakes or provide formatting advice.
  6. Relevant pictures, graphics and/or diagrams are encouraged with your submission. Please ensure visual media is directly related to the content being discussed and include the appropriate photo credits. 
  7. With your submission, you give Chainlink Today the right to publish your content.

If you’ve carefully reviewed the guidelines above then you’re ready to get started. We’re excited to hear from you!