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March 2021 Recap: Chainlink Announces 39 New Integrations

In February, Chainlink announced 34 new integrations alongside the launch of Chainlink Off-Chain Reporting (OCR), while new dApps and gaming platforms integrated Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Randomness Function) to generate non-fungible tokens as NFTs hit mainstream news. February was action-packed, but March was even more prolific, with Chainlink announcing 39 new integrations.

Co-Founder of SmartContent and Chainlink Today contributor @ChainLinkGod said March marked a milestone in “significant diversity of integrations” across the Chainlink ecosystem, including the creation of provably rare NFTs for projects like Illuvium and Ether Cards, new data provider-run oracle nodes like The Rundown and SportMonks, secure price feeds for DeFi protocols like Rari Capital and SushiSwap, and even an integration with the decentralized storage network Filecoin.

“Thanks to the scalability improvements provided by OCR and an increased selection of oracle services like VRF, the pace of integrations is seriously beginning to ramp up quickly and it’s very exciting to see the Chainlink Network continuing to scale to meet the needs of the smart contract economy,” he said.

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There is now a total of 475 integrations in the Chainlink Ecosystem, including:

204 DeFi projects

80 blockchains

60 node operators

40 data providers

Yesterday, we published a feature about one of Chainlink’s March integrations, Jarvis Network, a DAO-owned set of protocols on Ethereum for universalizing and “uberizing” financial products and markets. Jarvis’ CEO, Pascal Tallarida, said OCR  – which enables up to a 90% reduction in gas consumption – substantially accelerated Jarvis’ go-to-market strategy: “OCR ultimately allowed half of our small team to work on the core of our project instead of focusing on building our own system.”

Here’s a complete list of March’s integrations, which may foretell an even more expansive April. 

InSure DeFi Network integrated Chainlink’s Historical Price Data to power its decentralized crypto insurance ecosystem. (Twitter @InsureToken)

Jarvis Network integrated Chainlink oracles to power their synthetic assets protocol and DEX. (Twitter @Jarvis_Network)

Fuse will use Chainlink Proof of Reserve to mint and verify the collateralization of FuseDollar (fUSD). (Twitter @Fuse_network)

Smart MFG Tech and Chainlink will work together to integrate oracles powering DeFi-based supply chain apps, enabling incentivizing product procurement and expedited financing via tokenized rewards. (Twitter @MFGCoin)

Pluto, a Korean crypto exchange, will be launching a Chainlink node to bring their aggregated trading strategy analytics on-chain for use by the DeFi ecosystem. 

TheRundown launched its own live Chainlink node to supply cryptographically signed U.S. sports results directly on-chain from the NBA and NHL. (Twitter @therundownio

Swingby will integrate Chainlink Price Feeds and Proof of Reserve to secure their inter-chain swap protocol, Skybridge. (Twitter @SwingbyProtocol)

Clover will integrate Chainlink as the preferred oracle solution to support its EVM compatible framework for Substrate dApps. (Twitter @clover_finance)

Arbitrum integrated Chainlink Price Feeds for DeFi developers. As Arbitrum’s recommended oracle solution, Chainlink enables DeFi apps like Bancor and MCDEX to access off-chain resources in a scalable layer 2 environment. (Twitter @Arbitrum

dxFeed, a premium data provider, will launch its own Chainlink node to get its existing APIs blockchain-enabled. This allows dxFeed to sell equities, options, indices and various other financial datasets directly to dApps across different blockchains. (Twitter @dxFeedSolutions)

VAIOT, an AI-assistant platform, will integrate Chainlink Price Feeds, enabling users to pay for VAIOT’s AI services in both fiat and cryptocurrency. (Twitter @VAIOT_LTD)

StackOS, a decentralized cloud protocol, is using Chainlink on mainnet to enable smart contracts to access Google’s public DNS lookup service. This allows users to verify the ownership of domain names, bringing integrity and transparency to dApps. (Twitter @DeployOnStackOS

Illuvium, a blockchain-based gaming dApp, will integrate Chainlink VRF to fairly distribute limited-edition promo NFTs to randomly selected users who participate in Illuvium’s upcoming yield farming program, ensuring a high degree of transparency. (Twitter @illuviumio

Konomi Network, a Substrate-based money market, will use Chainlink oracles to secure its cross-chain loans. Chainlink’s hyper-reliability and high-quality data provide strong guarantees that Konomi will remain collateralized and reflect current asset markets. (Twitter @KonomiNetwork)

Wing, a DeFi lending platform built on Ontology, is sponsoring the launch of two new Chainlink Price Feeds. DeFi apps can leverage these oracles to quickly and securely launch new products and markets incorporating their cross-chain assets. (Twitter @Wing_Finance

BSCPad is recommending Chainlink as the go-to oracle solution for startups supported via its BSC launchpad and accelerator program. This sets up early-stage projects for success by ensuring they have the best-in-industry data quality and oracle security. (Twitter @BSCPAD)

dForce, a DeFi ecosystem, is using Chainlink on mainnet as its go-to oracle solution for securing its lending and synthetic asset protocol across multiple chains. Chainlink’s high-quality data and proven oracle networks ensure strong protections of user funds. (Twitter @dForcenet

Polkalastic, an elastic finance aggregator, will integrate Chainlink Price Feeds to securely track the performance of rebase tokens, algorithmic stablecoins and other elastic assets, ensuring their novel EFi index is powered by tamper-proof reference data. (Twitter @polkalastic)

SportMonks will launch their own Chainlink node to supply sports data across leading blockchains. This allows SportMonks to expand their addressable market and support new sports prediction markets, player-based NFT games and more. (Twitter @SportMonks_com)

Ether Cards will integrate Chainlink VRF as a core part of its NFT gamification and monetization platform, guaranteeing NFTs are fairly distributed with provably rare traits for their inaugural feature token sale, future art drops, blind bags and more. (Twitter @ether_cards

Rari Capital, a DeFi yield aggregator, is using Chainlink to secure Fuse, a new open interest rate protocol. Chainlink’s tamper-proof and flexible oracle network ensures pool creators using the Fuse protocol can easily access reliable and high-quality asset data. (Twitter @RariCapital)

OIN Finance, a decentralized stablecoin protocol, will use Chainlink Price Feeds to secure its minting and liquidation processes. Chainlink’s high-quality data and time-tested network ensure that stablecoins are issued fairly and remain fully collateralized. (Twitter @FinanceOIN)

Rare Pizzas, a generative NFT project, has integrated Chainlink VRF to mint 10,000 digital pizzas with provably rare attributes and a verifiably random distribution. As a community-driven project, the digital pizza NFTs are a celebration of Bitcoin Pizza Day. (Twitter @rarepizzas

FilDA integrated Chainlink on mainnet to price assets used within its decentralized lending platform. As a blockchain-agnostic oracle network, Chainlink’s high-quality data is able to be consumed by FilDA at the native speed and cost of HECO. (Twitter @FilDAFinance

Autonio, a DeFi liquidity protocol, will integrate Chainlink oracles to access asset prices and fetch AI-driven analytics. This data will power their NIOX Suite, an ecosystem of on-chain trading tools and infrastructure including intelligent market makers. (Twitter @AI_Autonio

Flexa is using Chainlink Price Feeds on mainnet for tamperproof, fair market exchange rates on each of the digital dollars, tokens and cryptocurrencies that the Flexa payment network supports at more than 40,000 retail locations across the U.S. and Canada. (Twitter @FlexaHQ

LendHub, a decentralized lending protocol, will integrate Chainlink Price Feeds natively on HECO to ensure that all loans are issued and liquidated in accordance with aggregated, tamper-proof, volume-adjusted price feeds reflective of global markets. (Twitter @LendHubDefi

Filecoin, a decentralized storage network, will integrate Chainlink oracles to create an end-to-end Web 3.0 development stack, enabling bidirectional communication between Filecoin and smart contracts for novel use cases like NFT insurance. (Twitter @Filecoin

Metis, a blockchain-based learning platform, will use Chainlink oracles to securely access off-chain educational data, enabling student attendance incentive programs, robust teacher quality rankings and dynamic NFTs that offer tutor profit-sharing. (Twitter @Official_Metis

Project Mahin, a multi-year on-chain conceptual art experiment, is raising breast cancer awareness by using Chainlink VRF to randomly update NFTs reflecting the 1-in-8 odds of a woman developing breast cancer in her lifetime. All royalties support research at the Breast Cancer Now charity. (Twitter @artbyma)

NFT Trader, a cross-platform NFT marketplace, will integrate Chainlink VRF to assign provably rare properties to NFTs in their new Trade Squads game. Chainlink VRF generates specific NFT traits and rarity classes that are verifiably unpredictable and tamperproof. (Twitter @NFTTrader

Genesis Volatility has launched their own Chainlink node on mainnet to supply signed, institutional-grade crypto options and futures analytics data on-chain, enabling the creation of new types of DeFi derivatives, asset management products and more. (Twitter @GenesisVol

Blue Antoinette is launching its own Chainlink node to supply global tax data on-chain. This enables automated on-chain tax solutions, such as the ability for organizations to calculate sales and VAT tax when selling products via public blockchains and accepting crypto. received a grant to natively integrate Chainlink on Terra. This will enable developers in the Terra ecosystem to build high-throughput smart contracts that leverage Chainlink oracles to securely access off-chain resources. (Twitter @hack_bg

SushiSwap‘s new lending and margin trading platform Kashi has integrated Chainlink Price Feeds to secure isolated token lending pairs, providing DeFi users a tamper-resistant, one-click leverage trading solution for a wide variety of tokens. (Twitter @SushiSwap)

Origin Protocol is using Chainlink on mainnet for more precise and cost-efficient exchange rate updates during the minting and redeeming of its OUSD stablecoin. Cream Finance is also supporting a Chainlink OGN/USD Price Feed to launch OGN lending markets. (Twitter @OriginProtocol)

Synbit is using Chainlink on HECO mainnet to obtain precise, up-to-date, tamper-proof price feeds on all collateral and synthetic assets used and traded on the platform. This ensures the solvency of all synthetic assets minted on Synbit. (Twitter @SynbitProtocol)

Bytom blockchain is integrating Chainlink as the recommended oracle solution for all Bytom dApps. The first integration involves MOV using a new Chainlink BTM/USD Price Feed to secure BTM staked as collateral in their DeFi products. (Twitter @Bytom_Official)

HUMAN Protocol will leverage Chainlink for reputation oracles that autonomously distribute tasks and payments across its multi-chain labor pools. They also plan to use Chainlink for Price Feeds and a Proof-of-Humanity oracle for on-chain captcha verification. (Twitter @human_protocol)

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