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Global Chainlink Community Spotlight: Vienna, Austria’s SmartCon Watch Party To Celebrate Chainlink In Idyllic Space

The global Chainlink community is planning to celebrate SmartCon #1 with 27 (and counting) watch parties around the world. Community Lead at Chainlink Labs Joshua Simenhoff told Chainlink Today that the international excitement for SmartCon captures the vibe of the World Cup. In the U.S., the Chainlink community is partying from NYC to LA; in Austria, Chainlink Community Advocate Lukas Leys said Chainlink Austria organized festivities in an idyllic space, just outside the hustle and bustle of the beautiful capital city, Vienna. 

“The space is an open garden bar and event location, surrounded by street food stands, based at the center of the large public park, Prater, east of the city’s center,” Leys said. Organizers will be livestreaming SmartCon panels inside the bar, while the outdoor garden will serve as a networking space with deck chair seating and a DJ described as a fellow crypto enthusiast.

In addition to savory Vienna street fare like bretzels and sausages, Leys said there will be “plenty of pizza and beer.” As a toast to the hopeful end of Covid-era isolation and the groundbreaking achievements of the Chainlink network since SmartCon #0, the bar will be serving the event’s first thirty drinks for free.    

Having attended last year’s SmartCon #0, Leys said he’s very much looking forward to seeing how the blockchain space has evolved in just the past 12 months. “There were a ton of new developments and so many things that have happened since last year.”

He regards SmartCon as “the place to experience the best side of the blockchain community” and hopes Vienna’s watch party echoes the global Chainlink community’s excitement, while providing a unique opportunity for guests to learn about what’s possible with blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and hybrid smart contracts in a way that might inspire them to enter the space themselves.

“The Chainlink community is very open, friendly and spread all over the world. You meet a lot of interesting people who all share the same vision. All of us will come together to the largest event of the year and make it special,” Leys said. In Vienna, this means commemorating all things Chainlink with delicious food and drink.

“The people in Austria like to enjoy themselves and that’s why we planned our watch party accordingly.”

To learn more about SmartCon #1 and stay up-to-date on the latest announcements, visit the Smart Contract Summit website, follow Chainlink Labs and Chainlink Today on Twitter, subscribe to Chainlink’s official YouTube channel and check back for Chainlink Today’s in-depth coverage leading up to and during the event.

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