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Sergey Nazarov Thanks Chainlink Community For Landmark 2023, Looks Forward To 2024

In a new video outlining Chainlink’s 2024 outlook, Chainlink co-founder Sergey Nazarov explained how Chainlink’s Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) is building the foundation for a superior financial system that unites TradFi and DeFi in a global internet of contracts. After sharing his roadmap for the new year, Nazarov took a moment to thank the Chainlink community and reflect on the role gratitude plays in building a better world.

“I find that being grateful is very important for how someone lives their life – for not only appreciating what they have, but for seeing reality for what it really is,” he said. “I am consistently really touched and grateful for how many people share my views and our views on how the world should work in a decentralized, reliable way.”

The pursuit of a world where people retain choice and control over important aspects of their lives is what attracted Nazarov to the crypto industry in the early days of Bitcoin. He described the Chainlink community as a unique subset of the crypto word with specific ideas on how to turn this vision into reality. 

“To have a group of people like that, where you together want to see something change and together are working towards that, is not that common a thing.” he said.

Nazarov underscored his belief that a plan tethered to truth will ultimately succeed, despite inevitable hurdles. 

“You continually put your effort and your thought and your time into that technology, into that worldview, into that plan, and you make a commitment to do that and you do it – and then if you’re right, over an extended period of time, it works out, because the plan connected back to reality.” 

He continued, “The incremental positive or negative dynamics that happen on a weekly or a monthly or even a biannual basis, to me, do not matter so much because the fundamental truth of a verifiable web, a deterministic society, and cryptographically guaranteed relationships is all there.”

Chainlink’s 2023 milestones include 11.5+ billion data points delivered onchain, $9.3+ trillion in total transaction value enabled, 2,000+ projects in the Chainlink Ecosystem including 85+ members of Chainlink SCALE and Chainlink BUILD, 250+ Chainlink meetups in 30+ countries attended by 50,000+ people, and 32,000+ registered participants in Chainlink hackathons. 

“What’s really helpful to people like me is other people that can see the truth of that situation and be part of it in a productive, value-added way, where they consistently – through the ups, through the downs – do what is needed to overcome challenges and arrive at a successful state of affairs,” Nazarov said.

He concluded by thanking the community for making 2023 a “landmark” year for the Chainlink Network.

“I deeply appreciate everyone’s hard work. I’m looking forward to 2024 and wishing you all a happy, prosperous, and successful new year.”

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