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Global Chainlink Community Will Celebrate SmartCon #1 With Watch Parties Around The World

SmartCon #1 is around the corner and the global Chainlink community is preparing to party like it’s 2021. Just over midway through a whirlwind year that saw the release of the Chainlink 2.0 whitepaper, the launch of new decentralized services like Chainlink Keepers, Chainlink’s two-year mainnet anniversary, the expansion of the Chainlink Community Grant Program, and a stream of Chainlink-powered NFTs including collections by professional athletes LaMelo Ball and Trey Mancini, this year’s SmartCon will be a three-day event packed with over 200 panelists who are revolutionizing their industries and changing the world with Chainlink.

To celebrate, the Chainlink community is hosting at least 27 watch parties in cities around the world and Community Lead at Chainlink Labs Joshua Simenhoff said that number continues to grow. “Last night, someone in the community reached out about hosting a watch party in their bar on a fully vaccinated island in Thailand. Yesterday, I got word that there will be a party in Buenos Aires,” he told Chainlink Today.

Simenhoff said the grassroots effort to plan global watch parties began in May, when the team at Chainlink Labs was brainstorming how to celebrate SmartCon like the World Cup.

“When it’s World Cup season, everyone in the world gathers together with friends and family, no matter where they are or what they’re doing. It might be 6am on a Saturday, but if it’s the World Cup, you’re at the bar cheering for your team on the world’s stage. Given how global and big our community is, we wanted to capture that vibe.”

Each party is unique to its local community. “There is no standard,” Simenhoff said. The NYC watch party will livestream the final day of SmartCon followed by a rooftop afterparty celebration with a DJ, drinks, local eats, and members of the Chainlink Labs team. Some watch parties will take the shape of more casual networking events and meetups, while areas still impacted by pandemic restrictions are opting for virtual events. 

The best way for community members to find information about the nearest watch party is to follow the Chainlink Global Meetup page, the official Chainlink Twitter and the official Chainlink Discord. Community members can fill out this typeform to stay up-to-date on watch parties in their area.

Simenhoff encouraged anyone who’s interested in hosting a watch party to reach out to him on Twitter. If you’re looking for a great location to host an event, he recommends co-working spaces and large bars with private areas or outdoor patios, though sometimes a house works best.

“Our advocate based in Phoenix went all out and rented a casita in the hills. Another in Ankara will use their backyard garden to host a few guests for coffee. Anywhere you can stream with good company works well,” he said.  

There’s still time to register for free tickets to SmartCon #1. Early registrants received Chainlink Swag Packs including custom SmartCon t-shirts and Simenhoff said there will be another swag drop this Friday, July 30th. Follow the official Chainlink Twitter for more details and make sure you’re registered for SmartCon to be eligible to win.

Simenhoff is personally attending the LA watch party on Thursday, August 5th and the NYC watch party on Saturday, August 7th. He said seeing the Chainlink community’s excitement ignite around the world leading up to SmartCon #1 has been “truly humbling.” 

“The community truly cares, and it’s really just so inspiring. We all have these wildly different backgrounds, but we’re united and driven to fulfill the Chainlink vision. We care about truth, fairness, transparency, and ultimately believe that oracles are a truly transformative technology.”

To learn more about SmartCon #1 and stay up-to-date on the latest announcements, visit the Smart Contract Summit website, follow Chainlink Labs and Chainlink Today on Twitter, subscribe to Chainlink’s official YouTube channel and check back for Chainlink Today’s in-depth coverage leading up to and during the event.

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