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    dHEDGE Is Democratizing Asset Management With Chainlink Price Feeds

    Traditional hedge funds require a large capital investment to join. But DeFi is democratizing asset management by giving everyone access to vehicles like hedge funds that were previously reserved for a select few.

    dHEDGE is a decentralized asset management protocol that allows anyone with an Ethereum wallet to invest in or create their own hedge fund on the blockchain. The platform connects users with high-performing investment managers in a permissionless, non-custodial, trustless way with a level of transparency that doesn’t exist in traditional finance.

    Yesterday, dHEDGE announced its integration of Chainlink Price Feeds on Polygon mainnet to expand the assets available to pool managers on its platform. dHEDGE Co-founder Henrik Andersson told Chainlink Today that Chainlink Price Feeds are critical infrastructure for DeFi applications like dHEDGE. “It’s essential to have reliable and trustworthy oracle price feeds to give managers confidence when they trade assets,” he said. 

    Andersson said dHEDGE is broadening the asset management space by removing the traditional barriers to entry for both fund managers and investors while offering a better experience than the legacy world. “We believe that DeFi has the potential to unlock opportunities for people from all over the world, including developing countries,” he said. 

    dHEDGE was conceived as a one-stop shop for creating, managing and investing in  decentralized hedge funds based on transparent performance records. The platform accommodates public and private pools, each with up to 10 underlying assets. As the industry-standard decentralized oracle network securing tens of billions in value across DeFi, Chainlink provides secure low-latency updates to maintain accurate on-chain asset prices that protect dHEDGE users from vulnerabilities like flash crash outliers, exchange downtime and flash loan attacks.

    Andersson said dHEDGE’s Chainlink integration is contributing to the growth of the entire DeFi ecosystem, which gives everyone the same investment opportunities. “The DeFi space has been developing over the past three years to provide a legitimate alternative to the legacy financial institutions, which became restrictive and exclusive,” he said. “Integrating Chainlink has been a milestone for dHEDGE as the project expands and grows to multiple networks with new products.”

    To learn more about dHEDGE, visit their website, Twitter, Telegram (English), Telegram (Chinese) and Discord.

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