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Chainlink’s Three-Year Mainnet Anniversary Celebration: OK;LG

Yesterday marked Chainlink’s three-year mainnet anniversary. In a video tribute featuring international Chainlink community and developer advocates, founders and CEOs from prominent projects in the Chainlink ecosystem, and new executive hire, Dr. Dahlia Malkhi, Chainlink Labs celebrated the maturation of Chainlink’s time-tested, battle-hardened technology alongside its community’s evolution from small social media gathering to multilingual movement hosting meetups around the world.

As Marco Mirabella, CEO of Chainlink-powered parametric insurance provider, Ensuro, put it: three years is a “very long time” in the fast-moving blockchain space.

“But I believe it’s just at the start,” he said.

In its third year live on mainnet, the Chainlink Network surpassed 900 bespoke oracle networks, each providing a distinct service optimized for groundbreaking applications across DeFi, decentralized insurance, gaming, and NFT communities.

Mainnet Year Three also saw the release of decentralized smart contract automation service, Chainlink Keepers, which has already been integrated by more than 70 projects to execute a number of critical time- and event-based smart contract functions such as automating limit orders, liquidations, and rewards distributions. By securely streamlining these essential tasks, Keepers empowers developers to focus on innovating new use cases across industries. 

“It’s right on that cusp of fundamentally changing how you and I go about our daily lives,” said Ben Grout, Chainlink Austin community advocate, of Chainlink’s infrastructure.

Chainlink Labs also made numerous key executive hires during Chainlink’s third year online. Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Diem co-creator Christian Catalini joined an already esteemed roster of advisors including former Coinbase CTO Balaji Srinivasan and Cornell computer science professor Ari Juels. This past March, former Diem CTO Dr. Dahlia Malkhi joined Chainlink Labs as Chief Research Officer and former LinkedIn VP Mike Derezin became Chainlink Labs’ Chief Operating Officer.

Those building within the Chainlink ecosystem highlighted the Chainlink community – especially early pillars like TheLinkMarine and ChainLinkGod – for their hallmark enthusiasm about the technology poised to fundamentally change how people form agreements through trust-minimization and cryptographic guarantees.

Vasiliy Gualoto, a blockchain developer building with Chainlink, pointed to the Chainlink community’s growing international presence as a strong indication that it will ultimately be “the biggest community in the crypto space.”

Underscoring community’s essential role, Chainlink Labs’ Melodi Gökçe Kaya signed off by extending the organization’s gratitude.

“Thanks everyone in the Chainlink community – we wouldn’t be here without you.”  

Watch Chainlink’s Three-Year Mainnet Anniversary celebration. 

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