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Tencent Cloud Partners With Chainlink Labs To Support Chainlink BUILD Projects

The Chainlink BUILD program is designed to strengthen the Chainlink Network by fostering promising early-stage startups in Chainlink’s ecosystem. Participants such as Brickken, Lekker Finance, Steadefi, and Kwil receive benefits such as priority access to technical support and new services from Chainlink in exchange for paying fees that incentivize Chainlink service providers and boost the network’s cryptoeconomic security.

This week, Tencent Cloud, one of the world’s leading cloud companies, announced it has partnered with Chainlink Labs to accelerate the development of a global web3 ecosystem by supporting startups in Chainlink BUILD.

In addition to enhanced access to Chainlink’s industry-standard web3 infrastructure, BUILD projects will now also receive vouchers to implement Tencent Cloud’s tools and services while building new use cases across web3 verticals such as decentralized social media, blockchain-based gaming, and digital asset trading.

In an official announcement, Poshu Yeung, Senior Vice President at Tencent Cloud International, said “secure and scalable infrastructure” like Chainlink’s industry-standard decentralized oracle network is “critical” to achieving web3’s potential.

“By supporting developers with decentralized services and tooling, they’re able to build more robust and advanced applications that accelerate the adoption of Web3,” said Yeung. 

Johann Eid, VP of Go-To-Market at Chainlink Labs, emphasized the strategic partnership’s goal of taking web3 to new heights. “Access to highly secure, decentralized infrastructure enables developers to build feature-rich applications that drive the entire space forward,” he said.

To learn more about Tencent Cloud, visit their website and Twitter.

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