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Brickken Joins Chainlink BUILD To Accelerate Tokenized Real-World Asset Space

Tokenized assets are blockchain-based assets that represent tangible real-world assets and confer a number of opportunities, such as fractionalization and programmability, which exponentially increase accessibility, utility, and liquidity. A recent report from the Boston Consulting Group shows just how fast the tokenized real-world asset (RWA) space is moving, with the potential to surpass $16 trillion by 2030.

As the web3 industry’s leading decentralized oracle network, Chainlink provides accurate, transparent, up-to-date price data for tokenized assets, while services like Proof of Reserve (PoR) fortify tokenized assets by cryptographically verifying their underlying assets in real time.

Recently, tokenized asset platform Brickken announced its participation in the Chainlink BUILD program to increase adoption of tokenized solutions through enhanced access to Chainlink’s oracle services and technical support. In exchange, Brickken will make 3.5% of its native token supply available to Chainlink service providers over time, boosting the Chainlink Network’s overall cryptoeconomic security.

Brickken’s Token Suite application offers an array of self-service, user-friendly tools designed to standardize tokenized asset creation and management for a range of companies across industries. Brickken CEO Edwin Mata told Chainlink Today that participating in BUILD is vital to expanding Brickken’s reach and achieving its goal of democratizing access to the token economy.  

“Joining Chainlink BUILD is an exhilarating moment for Brickken,” he said. “The integration of Chainlink’s decentralized oracles into our Token Suite opens a world of possibilities that were previously out of reach.”

Beyond Chainlink’s decentralized price data, which ensures Brickken’s users have access to the most up-to-date information, Mata said PoR provides “unprecedented peace of mind” for users entering the tokenized asset space. 

“This feature allows us to prove that the tokenized assets on our platform are fully backed by real-world reserves, thereby enhancing trust and confidence in our platform,” he explained.

Mata sees Chainlink’s decentralized infrastructure playing a “pivotal role” in the advancement of the tokenized RWA space, accelerating regulatory compliance and powering use cases in real estate, art, and securities like stocks and bonds.

“Tokenization can make these securities more accessible, divisible, and easier to trade, while Chainlink’s oracles can ensure accurate, real-time pricing,” he said. “Over the next several years, Chainlink’s decentralized oracles and their ability to provide real-time, reliable data could significantly increase the trust, transparency, and efficiency in tokenized assets, leading to wider adoption and integration in mainstream financial systems.”

To learn more about Brickken, visit their website, Twitter, Discord, and Telegram.

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