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T-Systems MMS Announces Participation In Chainlink Staking v0.1

Last week, the Chainlink Foundation announced the beta launch of an early framework for staking on the Chainlink Network. Chainlink’s Staking Roadmap is a key component of Chainlink Economics 2.0, a new economic framework for continuing to securely scale web3’s leading oracle network as its total Transaction Value Enabled (TVE) approaches $7 trillion.

The initial v0.1 Chainlink Staking pool consists of two types of stakers: node operator stakers and community stakers.

As Chainlink’s Staking v0.1 blog post explains, “In v0.1, staked LINK from node operators serves as a direct quantifiable commitment to their performance, while community stake adds an additional layer of incentivization to the honest and reliable performance of node operators.”

Today, T-Systems MMS, an international service provider for information technologies and digital transformation that became a Chainlink node operator in 2020, announced its participation in staking v0.1 as part of its continuing support for decentralized infrastructure. 

T-Systems’ parent company, Deutsche Telekom AG, is the world’s second largest telco, the majority shareholder of T-Mobile US, and a major data provider on the Chainlink Network.

In an interview with Nasdaq TradeTalks’ Jill Malandrino during Chainlink’s SmartCon event in September, T-Systems Product Owner Tobias Jung said Deutsche Telekom’s ongoing support of essential blockchain technology such as decentralized oracle networks dates back to its early interest in web3 as the next iteration of the internet.

Announcing T-Systems’ support of Staking v0.1, Dirk Röder, Head of Blockchain Solutions Center at T-Systems MMS, highlighted Chainlink’s “increasing adoption and growing momentum” throughout both web2 and web3.

In the two years since T-Systems became a Chainlink node operator, the Chainlink Network has grown to comprise more than 1,000 bespoke oracle networks utilized by more than 1,600 projects, while Chainlink nodes have delivered more than five billion data points to smart contracts across numerous blockchain networks.

“By participating in Chainlink Staking as a node operator, T-Systems MMS can further support the security of Chainlink oracle services while providing secure infrastructure for the growing smart contract economy,” Röder said.

Chainlink Labs’ VP of Go-To-Market, Johann Eid, reiterated the launch of Staking v0.1 as an “inflection point for both the Chainlink Network’s security and its economic design” and praised T-Systems’ support.

“We’re pleased that T-Systems MMS is participating in Chainlink Staking, which will help bring the Chainlink Network into the next stage of its sustainable growth through a further increase in cryptoeconomic security,” he said. “Supporting the adoption of blockchain technology through Chainlink Staking enables T-Systems MMS to play an important role in helping realize the transformative power of smart contracts.”

Learn more about Chainlink Economics 2.0 and view Chainlink’s Staking Roadmap.

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