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Metis Looks Toward The Future Of Decentralization With Chainlink At ETHToronto

Earlier this month, the Metis Andromeda layer-2 network announced its integration of Chainlink Price Feeds to support its growing ecosystem of decentralized autonomous companies (DACs) and feature-rich, cost-effective dapps like Beefy Finance, Pickle Finance, and Synapse Network. 

“I’m extremely thrilled about the Chainlink Price Feeds integration because it is the cornerstone of our DeFi ecosystem on Metis,” Metis co-founder and CTO, Yuan Su, told Chainlink Today. “I expect to see many innovative DeFi protocols to come and supply for the capital market for the business running on Metis Andromeda.”

On the heels of Metis’ Chainlink integration, Metis’ CEO, Elena Sinelnikova, and Head of Investor Relations, Natalia Ameline, joined Chainlink Labs’ Michael Robinson at ETHToronto for an in-depth look at how Metis’ solution to the blockchain trilemma, combined with Chainlink’s decentralized oracle networks, builds a decentralized economy that streamlines and democratizes the creation of DACs.

Metis’ L2 is built on top of Ethereum so that it inherits Ethereum’s security and decentralization while improving the cost and speed of transactions. Ameline said that, at a time when she sees “some infringement on people’s freedoms” in the news each day, Metis is focused on becoming faster and cheaper without compromising decentralization.  

Sinelnikova emphasized her belief that decentralization is for people who have a sense of accountability and responsibility. “Decentralization starts with people, not technology,” she said. 

Ameline summed up Metis’ six-month roadmap as continuing to build the backbone of the web3 economy by prioritizing decentralized technology. “It all starts with infrastructure,” she said, calling Metis’ Chainlink integration a “stepping stone” to that vision. 

Metis is also continuing to build and enhance its DAC tooling, as early DACs begin to populate its ecosystem – the growth of which Sinelnikova and Ameline said depends heavily on Metis’ community. 

Ameline invited the audience to join the Metis ecosystem by taking advantage of tools like its newly launched grants program. 

“The community needs all of you,” she said. “It’s not just about developers; it’s about people who can market, who can manage communities, who can manage human resources. Every single role that exists in the web2 world is applicable to web3.” 

Watch the full fireside chat with Metis’ Elena Sinelnikova and Natalia Ameline at ETHToronto.

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