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MemeFlate Integrates Multiple Chainlink Services To Enhance Its Nontraditional Freelance Marketplace

Traditional freelance marketplaces limit how creators interact with consumers and receive compensation for their work. Web3 functions, like cryptocurrency payments, NFT gameplay, and decentralized, tamper-proof rewards, offer more freedom and flexibility for a fast-growing gig economy.

With a vision “to build a design-to-earn platform for freelancers where they can re-design the world and the future,” MemeFlate is a marketplace for creatives – graphic designers, web developers, photographers, music and video producers – with web3 functionalities including a native token, an NFT/gaming marketplace, and a daily community raffle.

This week, MemeFlate announced it’s integrating Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function) to fairly and transparently select winners for its daily raffle and Chainlink Keepers to automate the process of claiming rewards.

MemeFlate’s company director, Roché Dixon, told Chainlink Today that the platform will expand its Chainlink integrations in the near future, with plans to integrate Chainlink VRF v2, which went live in February, to power its next raffle game, set for launch in late May. 

Dixon said MemeFlate stands out from traditional design-to-earn platforms because it is 80% crypto-based, offering users cryptocurrency wallets and fiat payment portals as well as a new trademarked NFT collection that gives users access to gameplay and community rewards through Chainlink-powered raffles.

Dixon told Chainlink Today that VRF is essential to ensuring MemeFlate’s raffles are fair and transparent, while future Chainlink integrations will continue to boost the platform’s security and user experience, saying, “We are just getting started.”

To learn more about MemeFlate, visit their website, Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram.

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