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Kitty Party Integrates Chainlink To Streamline Transition From TradFi To DeFi

Decentralized finance (DeFi) offers a host of benefits over traditional finance (TradFi), including superior yield, transparency, and user control. Mainstream adoption of DeFi hinges on the creation of industry-standard decentralized infrastructure that enables advanced smart contract applications and brings the web3 user experience (UX) to parity with web2 applications

Kitty Party is a DeFi platform designed to onboard the next generation of web3 users by helping them navigate volatile markets and understand the value of their position in any DeFi protocol. To create a new user-friendly gateway to web3, Kitty Party recently integrated both Chainlink Price Feeds and Chainlink Keepers on Polygon mainnet.

“Kitty Party is the first-ever assisted-DeFi platform project that blends NFTs, gaming, and DeFi to onboard first-time users to the cryptoverse,” Kitty Party’s lead developer, Wizgotd, told Chainlink Today. “It is completely community-driven and has built many first-of-its-kind capabilities that could become critical Lego pieces for innovation in DeFi.”

Kitty Party works by allowing an established DeFi user (Kreator) to introduce friends, family, and colleagues who are non-native users (Kittens) into the DeFi space through savings pools (Kitty Parties) that are deployed for yield generation with blue-chip DeFi projects. Kitty Party simplifies the onboarding process with UX optimizing features such as one-click wallet setup, phone/email-based wallet addresses, and straightforward on/off-ramps.

Chainlink Price Feeds play a critical role in transitioning to web3 because they allow new users to see accurate real-time conversions in their local currency.

“Chainlink Price Feeds provide us with a one-stop mechanism to have reliable prices for our markets and keep our application on the web3 layer, which is important to us since we will be the first-ever DeFi experience for users who have primarily experienced TradFi,” Wizgotd said.

Chainlink Keepers uses the same network of security-reviewed and historically proven node operators securing over $50 billion in smart contracts to automatically trigger time-sensitive smart contract functions. Wizgotd said Keepers further streamlines Kitty Party’s UX by automating steps to create, join, and maintain a Kitty Party.

“Chainlink is the most trusted oracle in web3 today. Keepers allows us to have an automatic workflow for crypto non-natives and improves our UX by a great deal.”

Wizgotd echoed founders of prominent DeFi protocols that have integrated Chainlink to provide essential infrastructure which frees them to innovate their core offerings.

“By making continuous infrastructure improvements to the ecosystem, Chainlink allows developers to focus on their dApp’s functional requirement. This reliable and standard set of services from Chainlink enables a plethora of dApps that then grow the DeFi ecosystem,” Wizgotd said.

“We are excited to be part of a community that is known for the quality of its product. For us at Kitty Party, this means we can rest easy knowing that we have a highly robust, reliable, trustless oracle behind our price feeds and automations.”

To learn more about Kitty Party, visit their website, Twitter, Discord, and GitHub.

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