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V2E Platform Cratos Integrates Chainlink Keepers To Automate Token Vesting For Its 300K Users

In the age of centrally controlled social media apps, users are subjected to algorithmic news feeds that inflame tensions and distort public opinion. Cratos is a vote-to-earn (V2E) cryptocurrency platform designed to combat this phenomenon by facilitating citizen participation in real-time polling about any user-generated topic. Last week, Cratos integrated Chainlink Keepers to further decentralize its platform by automating the vesting process of its native token, CRTS.

Cratos CEO David Kang said Chainlink Keepers was the ideal solution for adding a decentralized, automated token vesting function to Cratos’ original smart contract. “Chainlink Keepers is the best option since it is secure and cost-efficient,” he told Chainlink Today. 

Currently, the Cratos app has 600K downloads and over 300K registered users who can create and vote on any issue spanning any topic from cryptocurrency to politics. Kang believes conventional methods of collecting public opinion are “inefficient, biased, and subjective,” whereas Cratos is designed to offer a more accurate barometer.

“We have collected millions of vote topics and comments and billions of participating votes so far,” he said. Cratos displays age and gender statistics for each vote topic to offer additional insights into different demographics.

Cratos users earn CRTS by registering, creating vote topics, voting, and commenting daily. With Keepers, Kang said users will have a better experience because they will always know when token vesting is set to occur. 

He said the goal is to automate as much of the Cratos platform as possible, and Chainlink presents a “perfect way” to augment Cratos’ original smart contract with decentralized functions. “To become a fully decentralized and community-oriented project, Chainlink integration is essential,” said Kang.

To learn more about Cratos, visit their website, Twitter, Telegram and GitHub.

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