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HumanDAO Forwards Mission To Improve Lives Through Crypto With Chainlink Keepers

The number of people with internet access in developing nations is on the rise, however 85% of the global population is still living on less than $30 a day. Web3 advocates see digital asset ownership and participation in decentralized economies as a means for people in underserved communities to realize their economic destinies with just a web-connected mobile phone.

HumanDAO is a social impact project engineered to connect people in developing parts of the world with opportunities to earn real-world income in the metaverse. HumanDAO’s 50,000-member community currently sponsors 1,000 income-earning “scholars” through innovative web3 tools like its forthcoming pocket assistant NFT, designed to facilitate a decentralized gig economy.

Last week, humanDAO integrated Chainlink Keepers on Polygon and Ethereum mainnet to automate the calculation of staking rewards for owners of its native token, HDAO.

“For many of our community, receiving or purchasing HDAO is their first experience of owning a digital asset, and many are also staking their tokens to produce a passive income stream in the future,” humanDAO’s content lead, Adam Dawson, told Chainlink Today.

“Until now, the processes behind our staking rewards were manual and centralized. Chainlink Keepers streamlines and automates reward calculations, creating a much more robust and reliable experience for our community and a great introduction to crypto.” 

Dawson said humanDAO’s community grew out of the surging popularity of play-to-earn (P2E) web3 games. “We built a global team of builders and other community members around this base,” he said.

“From a builder perspective, we attract people who are interested in applying their skills to benefit those who are less fortunate. We are single-minded in our mission to improve lives through crypto, and the only truly important metric is how many people we’ve helped. This appeals to contributors who want to help us show that crypto can be a force for good.”

Helping those in underserved communities succeed in the metaverse often means providing education first. “Blockchains and cryptocurrency have opened up amazing new ways to create and transfer value across the globe, but only if people are educated about and given access to those opportunities,” Dawson said. To that effect, humanDAO is also building modules to help strengthen scholars’ skills and on-chain credentials for finding and fulfilling web3 roles.

Though he believes web3 is full of expanding and evolving opportunities for people around the world, Dawson said it’s not about getting rich quickly. “It’s about showing up and contributing, day after day, and building something meaningful over time.” 

He believes this ethos is what sustains the humanDAO community’s energy, no matter what’s happening in the market. “The thing that has impressed me most is how everyone has stuck together through the highs and lows,” he said. “I’m really excited for them as we open up more opportunities to participate and earn in web3.”

To learn more about humanDAO, visit their website, Twitter, and Discord.

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