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Galaxis To Unlock Cross-Chain Token-Gated Communities With Chainlink CCIP

Last month at EthCC, Chainlink launched its global cross-chain communication standard, Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP), on the Ethereum, Optimism, Polygon, and Avalanche blockchains as well as multiple testnets. Top DeFi protocols Synthetix and Aave were among the first to integrate CCIP to power use cases for cross-chain smart contracts.

This week, Galaxis, a web3 community builder and management framework, announced it’s integrating CCIP on Ethereum and Polygon to create cross-chain digital membership cards that unlock token-gated community spaces throughout web3.

The Galaxis platform, which has helped launch high-profile Chainlink-powered web3 projects like Val Kilmer’s GOD Panel NFTs, previously integrated Chainlink VRF to facilitate provably fair NFT reveals, lucky draws, random utility distribution, and giveaway cards throughout its ecosystem.

During a web3 marketing webinar last April, Galaxis CEO Andras Kristof said Chainlink’s decentralized infrastructure is key to launching sustainable web3 startups that transcend web2’s biggest pain points. 

“The technology that we are getting from the blockchain and from Chainlink really enables us to rethink the business processes in this way and create workable, feasible user account systems,” he explained. “I think if we keep it up, we can solve some of these problems of our data and lives being sold to the highest bidder.” 

As a member of Chainlink BUILD, Galaxis continues to deepen its integration of Chainlink’s infrastructure, especially critical new services like CCIP. 

Galaxis will use CCIP to allow web3 businesses and individual content creators to build, grow, and govern multi-chain, token-gated decentralized communities without the need for third parties. 

“We’re excited to integrate the highly secure Chainlink CCIP to help enable cross-chain token-gated community spaces using Galaxis,” Kristof said in an official announcement. “Powered by the decentralized Chainlink Network, CCIP will help create a more seamless cross-chain experience for token-gated communities built on Galaxis.”

To learn more about Galaxis, visit their website, Twitter, and Discord.

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