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Blueberry Powers New Bloom Protocol With Chainlink Price Feeds

Blueberry is a DeFi protocol on Ethereum that integrates with many of the most popular leveraged DeFi strategies and aggregates them along with its custom Blueberry Vaults. Last December, Blueberry joined the Chainlink BUILD program to help secure and expand its platform through premium access to Chainlink’s industry-leading oracle infrastructure.

Chainlink BUILD fosters promising early-stage startups in the Chainlink ecosystem, which pay fees that incentivize Chainlink service providers and boost the network’s cryptoeconomic security in exchange for enhanced access to Chainlink services such as Automation, which Blueberry integrated to create boosted, automated vaults for Uniswap v3 liquidity pools. 

Recently, Blueberry announced its integration of Chainlink Price Feeds on Ethereum mainnet to help secure its new Bloom protocol designed to bring yields bound to U.S. Treasury Bills to the DeFi economy. Chainlink’s highly-reliable decentralized price data will power Bloom’s flagship product, TBYs (Term Bound Yield tokens), which are 6 month notes that can be freely transferred and composed upon on-chain.

“We’re excited to integrate Chainlink Price Feeds into Bloom protocol as they are the industry-standard market data solution for on-chain finance,” said Slater Heil, founding member of Blueberry and Bloom protocols. “As a member of Chainlink BUILD, we’re excited to continue integrating Chainlink Web3 services to enhance the functionality of our DeFi protocol.”

To learn more about Blueberry, visit their website, Twitter, Discord, and Medium.

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