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Val Kilmer’s God Panel NFT Project Integrates Chainlink VRF To Create Immortal Works Of Art

Val Kilmer, the American actor known for his iconic roles in blockbuster hits like Top Gun and Batman Forever, is now immortalizing his artwork in the metaverse. Kilmer, who received a standing ovation at Cannes Film Festival for the 2021 autobiographical documentary, Val, embarked on a fine art NFT project after a painful battle with throat cancer damaged his speaking voice and limited his mobility.

The God Panel NFT project, produced by Kilmer’s virtual art community Kamp Kilmer and the Galaxis Art Engine, is a continuously changing, collaborative meditation on the word God. Kilmer, whose work as an artist extends beyond film to include poetry, painting, photography, and music, created each panel in the genesis NFT mint to perpetually evolve in the metaverse as it’s influenced by future generations. 

In order to ensure a truly random, transparent NFT mint, the genesis God Panel NFT collection integrated Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function). Kilmer told Chainlink Today that Chainlink VRF provides an element of transparency that is vital to realizing his vision, which ultimately invites other artists to expand the collection by creating unique derivative pieces.

“The God Panel project is a fine art project, but it is also a generative project, and some collectors will receive rarer pieces than others,” he said. “There must be equal opportunity for all who participate. Chainlink ensures that the pieces are truly random, and that each person who mints has a fair shot to get a legendary or iconic piece.”

Kilmer established Kamp Kilmer to fulfill his dream of a sacred space where artists, musicians, collectors, and friends can unite to collaborate and celebrate creativity without limits. “It is especially pertinent to me,” he explained.

“Although my cancer is gone, the chemotherapy and radiation treatments inhibited my mobility, and my ability to be as active in the world as I was before. The metaverse enables me to create and collaborate with others without the constraints of space and time. This is a profound blessing, and I am grateful to be enabled to participate.”

Kilmer views web3 technology as a means to break down barriers for artists as well as the art itself. “I see NFTs as a mechanism to disrupt traditional norms and constructs in the art, film, music, and publishing worlds,” he said. “One of the disruptive elements is the ability for individuals and organizations to act with integrity and transparency.”

For Kilmer, the artist’s work is never finished and beauty expands with time. “The collection will evolve, and other artists will insert their visions into the project, and they will benefit monetarily, and they will change the dynamic of the collection – and then they too will pass the collection on to the next artist, and so on,” he said.

“Can you imagine the legacies that could be built, the artistic beauty that will manifest?”

To learn more about Kamp Kilmer, visit their website, Twitter, and Discord.

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