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FLOKI Integrates Chainlink Price Feeds To Bring DeFi To The Masses

FLOKI, inspired by Elon Musk’s shiba inu puppy, utilizes memes to inspire cryptocurrency’s widespread appeal and adoption. But unlike other Musk-endorsed meme coins, FLOKI’s core developers are creating serious utility for their token – by launching a player-owned metaverse, expected early next year, and integrating Chainlink Price Feeds to connect its enthusiastic community to DeFi.

“DeFi is something our community has overwhelmingly asked for,” FLOKI core team member and strategist “B” told Chainlink Today. “Integrating Chainlink Price Feeds makes this, and a whole lot more, possible.”

FLOKI’s flagship play-to-earn NFT gaming metaverse, Valhalla, will also use Chainlink Price Feeds to issue in-game rewards. “There is no better option than Chainlink,” B said.

B explained FLOKI as “the people’s cryptocurrency,” in large part because its community resurrected the project after it was abandoned by its original creator. “From that point onwards, it became the people’s cryptocurrency, and the fact that FLOKI blends meme with utility while making philanthropy one of its core missions makes it clear that FLOKI is for the people.”

In August, FLOKI partnered with Million Gardens Movement, spearheaded by Elon Musk’s brother Kimbal Musk to inspire healthier eating habits around the world through education and funding that helps people in need grow their own food. B said FLOKI “exemplifies what people can make possible when they bond towards a common purpose.” 

Chainlink is DeFi’s industry-leading oracle solution, securing over $82 billion in smart contracts. “What Chainlink has done and is doing is pretty revolutionary,” B said. “Having FLOKI be a part of this revolution is simply amazing.”

B described the FLOKI community’s “can-do spirit” as emblematic of Valhalla’s pending metaverse game, which marries pet-taming mechanics with Norse mythology. Now with access to DeFi through Chainlink oracles, B said there’s virtually no limits to what FLOKI’s community of “Vikings” can achieve.

“Nothing fazes or stops the Vikings; as a community, we are simply unstoppable and can make literally anything possible,” he said. “FLOKI’s existence is testament to this.”

To learn more about FLOKI, visit their website, Twitter, Telegram, Discord and Reddit.

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