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    Changing The World One Slice At A Time: The Fascinating Philosophy Of PizzaDAO

    “What does pizza want?”

    That is the fundamental question driving PizzaDAO founding member Snax, who joined Andy Boyan on Chainlink Live to dish about the philosophy behind PizzaDAO and how its NFT project, Rare Pizzas, uses Chainlink oracles to deliver free pizza to people around the world. 

    PizzaDAO got its start on Clubhouse and soon ballooned into a global response to the Covid-19 pandemic’s devastating effects on neighborhood restaurants. On Bitcoin Pizza Day 2021, PizzaDAO used the proceeds from 10,000 unique digital pizza NFTs generated with Chainlink VRF to buy 10,000 real pizzas from local shops. 

    According to Snax, the massive pizza party was just the start of what PizzaDAO can do. 

    “Many times, businesses that neighborhoods know and love close, for various reasons, and they don’t need to,” he explained. The genesis of PizzaDAO is the desire to move small businesses onto the blockchain, where they can join forces by leveraging open-source technology.

    The idea is to form an international, independent, open-source pizza chain with the same technological advantages as big brands like Domino’s and Pizza Hut. 

    “There is no reason that these small shops shouldn’t have this same level of tech,” Snax said. 

    PizzaDAO’s philosophy stems, in part, from Michael Pollan’s The Botany of Desire, which examines the symbiosis of plants and humans, and Buckminster Fuller’s take on “Spaceship Earth” as an economy facing more issues with distribution than scarcity.

    When creating PizzaDAO – which, by definition, serves the interest of no single party besides pizza itself – its founders asked themselves, “What does pizza want?”

    The answer, Snax said, is that pizza wants to be eaten. 

    Advancing this mission means using NFT sales and Web3 distribution technologies to serve as much free pizza as possible, especially at events like NFT.NYC, where Boyan said he saw empty pizza boxes everywhere.  

    “We became the go-to when anyone in Web3 wants pizza,” Snax said. 

    Explaining to small business owners exactly what PizzaDAO does has been a small hurdle. Snax said a few people hung up on him when he called to pitch his international pizza party powered by blockchain. Now that PizzaDAO has a track record of placing single orders worth thousands of dollars, the proof is in the pizza.

    His vision for PizzaDAO revolves around changing the world and enriching people’s lives one slice at a time, with initiatives like a pizzeria employee exchange program and, of course, more free pizza. 

    “People get into the food business because they love feeding people,” he said. In his view, Web3 and pizza are a natural fit. “People really get it and they’re excited.”

    To learn more about Rare Pizzas, check out their website, Twitter and Discord

    Watch Snax’s full conversation with Andy Boyan on Chainlink Live.

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