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Chainlinked Podcast | Kwenta Core Contributor Andrew Trudel

Kwenta Core Contributor Andrew Trudel delves into the relationships between the Synthetix protocol, its community, and Kwenta’s no-slippage DeFi platform on Optimism layer-2. We chat about the role of different collateral types and how they present different models for liquidity across layer-2 environments.

One of the hallmarks of spinning up new DeFi protocols is finding liquidity in a decentralized community. Kwenta approached this as an emergent project spawning from user demand in the engaged Synthetix community. Rather than laying out a completely new offering, Kwenta has been able to create value from the enthusiasm and expertise of the broader Synthetix ecosystem.

Andrew talks about how solving these DeFi puzzles presents a fascinating challenge with real-world implications for a range of people with less access to traditional financial services.


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