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Chainlinked Podcast | All About The CBDC Euro With The IEF’s Clark Parsons

The Internet Economy Foundation (IEF) Director, Clark Parsons, joins for a deep discussion of a recent paper, co-authored by the IEF and Chainlink, which outlines a recommendation for a central bank digital currency (CBDC) Digital Euro that supports a hybrid monetary policy. This approach gives central banks more tools to manage increasingly complex macroeconomic conditions.

The conversation builds on a position paper and a recent panel discussion featuring central bank researchers exploring how hybrid tooling for CBDCs aligns with various models that regulators can use to maintain an economy across a range of conditions. This includes direct payments, a centrally-backed digital infrastructure for institutional interest rates, and more.

In this episode of Chainlinked, Clark Parsons and I dig into the similarities between the emergence of the consumer-friendly internet and the growing web3 industry. Clark provides unique insights into the position that European regulators are taking with regard to both the immediacy of CBDCs and the entire blockchain space.

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