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Chainlinked Podcast Episode 11 | Chainlink Fall 2021 Hackathon Preview

Chainlink Labs’ Melodi Kaya previews the upcoming Chainlink Fall Hackathon. We cover the range of prizes, technical and educational workshops, and what to expect from the growing Chainlink developer community in the largest Chainlink hackathon yet.

The Chainlink Labs developer relations team and a number of marquee sponsors such as Google Cloud, Filecoin, Moralis, and numerous DeFi, blockchain, and layer-2 teams have created a new standard for web3 hackathons this year. This event is offering $400,000 in prizes (so far), over $1.5 million in non-monetary prizes, and events for developers with beginner through advanced levels of experience.

Melodi and I discuss how to delve into the world of web3, what to type into the Chainlink developer Discord to get started, and why this fall hackathon is an opportunity unlike any other. 

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