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Chainlinked Podcast: Episode 02 Chainlink Oracles On Avalanche

It’s time for the Chainlinked Podcast Ep. 02!

Did you like that SmartCon intermission music? I dropped it in at the end of the episode if you need a trip down SmartCon #1 memory lane.

Recently, Chainlink Labs put on a Developer Bootcamp to get all types of developers with many levels of engineering experience started using Chainlink and web3 smart contracts. We brought Chainlink Labs’ Harry Papacharissiou on to the podcast to talk about the event and how it fits into the larger goal of making the world a better place with decentralized infrastructure. We also discuss Harry’s path as a former winner of the Chainlink Hackathon with the Link My Ride submission.

Next, we talk to Ava Labs’ Lead Smart Contracts Developer, Connor Daly, about the recent announcement that Chainlink Price Feeds are native and available on the Avalanche smart contracts platform. After a brief check-in on Connor’s cats, we explore how many DeFi projects have been waiting for secure Chainlink oracles to jumpstart their products on Avalanche.

Did you attend the Developer Bootcamp? Are you using DeFi on Avalanche? Let me know via the Chainlink community channels or in the Twitter comments. I’d love to read some of your stories on the pod.

Chainlinked is a pocket-sized podcast series looking at the many applications of Chainlink blockchain oracles across global enterprise, the blockchain industry, and emerging tech projects.

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