Chainlinked Podcast Episode 03 | Smart Contract Research Forum (SCRF)

Smart Contract Research Forum (SCRF) aims to bridge the gaps between academic and industry researchers, engineers, and protocol developers from a diverse set of disciplines. Co-founder Rich Brown joins Chainlinked to talk about the outsized impact that SCRF will have on long-term progress in blockchain and decentralized systems.

SmartCon emcees Mike Zacharski and Lauren Halstead join Chainlinked to discuss some of the many impactful moments from SmartCon #1 and give a backstage look at how an event like SmartCon comes to life.

As a special treat for SmartCon fans, we found the intermission music. Send your remixes please!

SmartCon #1 Playlist:


Lauren Halstead: 

Mike Zacharski: 

Chainlink Today: 

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