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Chainlinked Podcast: Episode 01

Welcome to Chainlinked: A Chainlink ecosystem podcast, Episode 01.

SmartCon #1 is right around the corner. This episode brings you Keenan Olsen and Josh Simenhoff from the Chainlink Labs team. Keenan discusses what goes into creating a massive event like SmartCon and how the Chainlink ecosystem has come together to participate in this event.

Then it’s a quick Q&A with Community Lead Josh Simenhoff about the growing international Chainlink community and the many opportunities to get involved and be part of SmartCon and other Chainlink events.

Thanks to the community for the outpouring of support for the podcast. Get in touch with me via the Chainlink community channels or in the Twitter comments.

Chainlinked is a pocket-sized podcast series looking at the many applications of Chainlink blockchain oracles across global enterprise, the blockchain industry, and emerging tech projects.

It is available on all major podcasting platforms:

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Thank you to Chainlink Today for helping to distribute Chainlinked and to Boyan the Bard for supplying the tunes.

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