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Optimism PBC, EVM Equivalence, And The Metaverse With Karl Floersch & Ben Jones | Chainlinked Podcast

Karl Floersch and Ben Jones delve into Optimism PBC’s EVM Equivalence, the metaverse, retroactive public goods funding and what that means for developers, end users, and the broader Ethereum ecosystem. 

EVM Equivalence refers to Optimism’s recent release of tooling that allows for deploying L1 Ethereum dapps with the exact same code on Optimism in order to maintain the scale benefits of Optimism L2 and the security benefits of Ethereum L1. Karl and Ben dig into the ramifications of an improved developer experience for an improved end user experience.

We also explore retroactive public goods funding and the need for supporting open source infrastructure that has been built and maintained for public good over the years. Optimism has implemented an automated, protocol-layer method for funding good development, and we discuss the philosophy and implementation behind that.

Finally, I peel back the technical layers and get to the human side of Ben and Karl. We talk about Ben’s love of music and Karl and I reminisce about our World of Warcraft days and how they informed our views on the metaverse.

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