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Chainlink Turkey Hosts 30-Hour In-Person Hackathon Event

The annual Chainlink Spring Hackathon is underway. Participants have until June 9 to build and deploy projects utilizing Chainlink’s essential web3 services, such as VRF and Automation, for the chance to win over $450k in prizes. While the hackathon itself happens entirely online through Chainlink’s official Discord and YouTube, some developers are optimizing their projects’ potential by connecting with team members and mentors in real life. 

Over the weekend, Chainlink Turkey hosted a 30-hour Spring Hackathon preparation event, where more than 100 developers from across the country gathered to build and learn from experts representing top web3 entities including Chainlink Labs, BNB Chain, Cyfrin, Ethereum, Solana Foundation, OpenPad, and DATS Project.

Chainlink Turkey community manager Elif Hilal Umucu, who organized the event, told Chainlink Today that attendees successfully developed 16 projects that will go on to compete in the Chainlink Spring Hackathon. She believes that being able to source teammates and receive technical support and education in person can make all the difference for developers vying to build web3’s next exciting use case. 

Elif Hilal Umucu

“Our goal was to ensure new developers can join and register for the hackathon and submit a project,” she explained. “Since hackathons occur online, people need help finding teammates with whom they can develop projects. People should experience this hackathon in person and get technical support while using Chainlink products.”

She said Turkey fosters an especially enthusiastic community of developers eager to innovate with Chainlink’s web3 services, which have enabled more than $7.7 trillion in transaction value throughout the smart contract economy.

“What makes Chainlink Turkey special is that people attend our training from different cities and we organize high-quality workshops.”

Following Chainlink Turkey Hackathon Connect’s final hour, participants took to Twitter, thanking the event’s organizers and sharing photos of their tired, happy faces.

“We had an amazing 30 hours together,” tweeted @yigityektin. “So many up and downs happened and the moment that we solved everything worth all of them!”

Register for the Chainlink Spring Hackathon and follow Chainlink Turkey on Twitter to learn more about upcoming events.

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