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zkSync Joins SCALE And Integrates Chainlink Price Feeds

The Chainlink SCALE (Sustainable Chainlink Access for Layer 1 and 2 Enablement) program is designed to accelerate the growth of blockchain and layer-2 ecosystems by giving developers enhanced access to Chainlink’s industry-leading web3 services.

Today, engineering and cryptography research company Matter Labs announced its hyperfast zkEVM Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution, zkSync Era, has joined SCALE and integrated Chainlink Price Feeds to expand its ecosystem by promoting the creation of secure, scalable, feature-rich DeFi applications (dApps). 

The ultimate goal of SCALE is to facilitate a sustainable economic model in which a network’s dApps generate sufficient revenue from user fees to fully cover the backend costs of oracle services. As more blockchain networks securely scale through Chainlink’s oracles, the cryptoeconomic security of the Chainlink Network and the entire web3 ecosystem follows suit.

In an official statement, Matter Labs’ Senior Vice President of Business and Operations, Marco Cora, said that joining SCALE and integrating Chainlink’s industry-standard price oracles, which have facilitated over $9 trillion in onchain transaction value, will establish zkSync as the platform for building real-world use cases that broaden DeFi’s reach.

“We’re thrilled to see zkSync become a part of Chainlink SCALE, and to help drive its long-term network growth and sustainability,” he said. “Chainlink Price Feeds is a critical and industry-standard infrastructure that has wide reaching benefits for developers and users alike.”

Ultimately, zkSync’s cutting-edge zk-rollup combined with low-cost developer access to Chainlink’s price oracles could power a new wave of secure DeFi applications with the ability to scale globally.

“We’re pleased that zkSync has joined the Chainlink SCALE program to help empower developers with the industry standard Chainlink Price Feeds and other services, helping accelerate the adoption of zkSync Era,” said Chainlink Labs’ Chief Business Officer, Johann Eid. 

“By reducing the operating costs of Chainlink oracle nodes, zkSync can help ensure projects have access to the industry-leading services needed to build highly scalable, feature-rich, and secure applications.”

To learn more about zkSync, visit their website, X, Telegram, and Discord.

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