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ChainML CEO Rod Bodkin On Creating An AI Framework For Control And Oversight

SmartCon 2023 featured more than 100 blockchain experts and financial industry leaders including founders of influential protocols in the Chainlink ecosystem. To get a closer look at the future of web3, Nasdaq TradeTalks host Jill Malandrino filmed a two-day interview lineup with speakers at this year’s event in Barcelona, Spain. 

Rod Bodkin is CEO of ChainML, an open-source platform for developing customized generative AI applications that extend the power of blockchain. Last year, ChainML joined the Chainlink BUILD program to accelerate adoption of its decentralized machine learning (ML) protocol through Chainlink’s industry-leading oracle services. Bodkin sat down with Malandrino to discuss how Council, ChainML’s open-source framework for production-grade AI agents, aims to help companies leverage the benefits of AI while keeping humans in the driver’s seat.

“As we know, today’s AI is not infallible,” Bodkin said. It makes mistakes and it’s really important to give users the control so that they can understand and make sure that it’s producing useful output.”

Use cases for Council include more advanced and reliable self-service analytics solutions for web3 companies in the Chainlink Ecosystem such as Truflation and Space and Time

“So often products have fantastic information and the users have real value to get from that to make better decisions, but it’s often trapped where it’s got a technical interface,” Bodkin explained. “Most users are not data scientists; they don’t want to go into a notebook and rip through data, so enabling more people to get answers and value out of the data and their system is a huge opportunity.”

Council’s generative AI agents are designed with limited autonomy to act on a task within a budget and under human supervision. Bodkin believes ML technology with the right guardrails will rapidly revolutionize the way humans work. 

“We’re going to see a shift so that knowledge workers are more focusing on managing teams of agents and overseeing how they behave rather than doing a lot of the individual work,” he said. “It’s going to remove a lot of drudgery, but at the same time it’s going to be really a big upheaval. There’s going to be a big need for reskilling and rethinking how workforces work because this wave is going to break incredibly quickly over the next five years.”

Watch Jill Malandrino’s full interview with Rod Bodkin.

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