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Waka Flocka Flame’s Drip Teddy Club Taking PFP NFTs To The Next Level With Chainlink VRF

PFP (profile picture) NFT collections like CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) confer ownership over one’s digital avatar as well as membership in exclusive, often celebrity-filled clubs. But there’s usually a large discrepancy between the floor price of a popular NFT collection and the value of its rarest, most unique NFT.

This is why fair, transparent NFT mints are so important. To ensure all minters have an equal chance of acquiring a collection’s rarest and most valuable NFTs, projects need access to a tamper-proof on-chain random number generator (RNG). Chainlink VRF provides automated, verifiable RNG with cryptographic proof that the process was tamper-free, making it the industry standard RNG integrated by hundreds of NFT projects.

One of the newest NFT collections to announce a mint powered by Chainlink VRF is Drip Teddy Club (DTC) – a multimedia collaboration from rapper Waka Flocka Flame, NFT strategist Fashun Rivers, music producer Lex Luger, and rising artist Victor Eghose.

The collection’s 10,000 unique Drip Teddies are based on the artwork of 21-year-old Eghose, who began drawing on a cracked Android screen as a means to support his family from his home in Benin, Nigeria. After Eghose’s social accounts were hacked, he attracted the attention of Fashun Rivers and Waka Flocka, who became co-collaborators in turning Eghose’s work into the DTC NFT project.

In an interview with Chainlink Today, Rivers said the collection was designed to take PFP NFTs to the next level by adding enriching new layers of experience. In addition to owning a unique piece of Eghose’s digital Drip Teddy art, DTC NFT holders will own the rights to their Drip Teddy’s exclusive soundtrack customized by Lex Luger, who rose to fame producing hits like Waka Flocka Flame’s “Hard in da Paint,” Rick Ross’ “B.M.F.,” and Ace Hood’s “Hustle Hard.”

“Lex is such a creative and innovative producer,” Rivers said. “When you give Lex a project, he goes into this zone and creates some of the most memorable instrumentations that are duplicated in today’s melodies over and over again by other producers. But even with his sounds, you can’t have his creativity.”

Rivers explained how the value of the collection’s visual and musical art, as well as its creators’ commitment to a fair and equitable community, demands an auditable, tamper-proof NFT mint powered by Chainlink VRF.  

“Myself and Waka come from very humble beginnings and we do not want to have a project that is separated by classism,” he explained. “Chainlink VRF ensures the fairness and equality that all NFT projects should share. Even the collection’s creators will not have any special perks on rare Teddies, because we want to make sure everyone has a fair opportunity to obtain a collectible with rare attributes.”

Rivers anticipates the DTC mint to happen as early as this September, but the priority is attention to detail over speed.

“We are enjoying the process and having fun without the pressures and intensity of demand that other projects have experienced in the past,” he said. “When this collection finally mints, the community will see how much time and effort was put into making sure that this collection would be a success and remembered for years to come.”

To learn more about Drip Teddy Club, visit their website, Twitter, and Discord.

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