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TP ICAP Joins Chainlink Network To Supply Blockchain Ecosystem With Premium Forex Data

As web3’s leading decentralized oracle network, Chainlink acts as a gateway for data providers to supply developers with new datasets that fuel advanced use cases for hybrid smart contracts. Dozens of high-quality sources, including the Associated Press and AccuWeather, deliver their data on-chain via the Chainlink Network, which has published more than 5 billion data points and facilitated more than $7 trillion in transaction value across multiple top blockchains.

This week, leading electronic market infrastructure and information provider TP ICAP announced it has joined the Chainlink Network to supply its high-quality forex data to the expanding blockchain ecosystem. Data supporting more than 960 pairs will be delivered to Chainlink’s decentralized oracle networks (DONs) via TP ICAP’s data and analytics division Parameta Solutions in order to help generate Chainlink’s tamper-resistant oracle reports.

Parameta Solutions’ Head of APAC Sales, Rhys Spencer, said TP ICAP chose to make its forex data available to web3 via Chainlink in anticipation of “what could be a generational upgrade to market infrastructure and data solutions.” Joining the Chainlink Network allows TP ICAP to reach the deepest developer pool possible.  

“The innovation of blockchains and cryptocurrencies has catalysed a whole new breed of distributed systems that need access to reliable real-world information, and Chainlink is currently the leading oracle service provider for the on-chain ecosystem,” Spencer said.

Yaser Jazouane, Head of Data Products at Chainlink Labs, said TP ICAP’s forex data has the potential to unlock new DeFi applications that broaden web3’s horizon. 

“Historically, Web3 innovation has been fueled by the introduction of high-quality market data from premium data providers such as TP ICAP. The addition of TP ICAP’s institutional-grade forex pricing data to Chainlink helps enhance the security, accuracy, and utility of blockchain applications.”

To learn more about TP ICAP, visit their website and Twitter.

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