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Seven Reasons To Love The Chainlink Community

To celebrate Valentine’s Day at Chainlink Today, we asked our Twitter followers what they love most about the Chainlink community. Here are seven of our favorite responses. 

@andyboyan said, “The passion and voice are great, and the community of builders that aren’t always the meme-makers and loudest tweeters is so impressive. Devs behind so many protocols that use, extend, and get excited about Chainlink services and the potential of this industry just keep me amped.”

@christianhent said, “passion, education, memes, very friendly people, humor.”

@rorypiant said, “More breadcrumbs than a bakery, passion, memes that make me laugh out loud, incredible diversity and a group of people that believe in a world built on cryptographic truth. I’m thankful every day I get to be part of it.

@poppie1256 said, “4+ years of meme entertainment”

@javosalomon said, “Diversity and a great spirit of collaboration.”

@ChainLinkGod said, “The extreme passion for seeing Chainlink become an industry standard, the raw unfiltered attitude of seeking the truth, early foresight of how the ecosystem evolves, and of-course the top-tier memetics” and “Those who know, know”

@joshsimenhoff said, “With top tier memes, a sharp sense of humor, an unmatched conviction for fundamentals and truth, the knowledge that we’re building something great, and an unwavering bond to each other, the Chainlink community is the only date I need this Valentine’s Day.”

We’re wishing all of our readers a joyful Valentine’s Day and continued health and happiness in 2022. We’re deeply grateful for the love and support you show us every day. The feeling is mutual.

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