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RoboVault Joins Chainlink BUILD To Develop Advanced Automated Yield Strategies

As web3’s leading decentralized oracle service, Chainlink has enabled nearly $7 trillion in transaction value while its ecosystem has expanded beyond 1,600 projects. Recently, Chainlink launched Chainlink Economics 2.0, a framework of initiatives – including Staking v0.1, Chainlink SCALE, and Chainlink BUILD – aimed at continuing the network’s cross-chain expansion.

The BUILD program is designed to strengthen the Chainlink Network by fostering promising early-stage startups in Chainlink’s ecosystem. Participating projects receive benefits such as priority access to technical support and new services from Chainlink in exchange for paying fees that incentivize Chainlink service providers and boost the network’s cryptoeconomic security.

Last week, RoboVault announced it is joining BUILD to support the development of advanced automated yield strategies while expanding its user base. Built to provide DeFi users with unique quantitative strategies through a simple interface, RoboVault previously integrated Chainlink Automation (formerly Keepers) to help rebalance liquidity positions for its pseudo delta neutral strategies and protect users against impermanent losses. 

“Utilizing Chainlink Automation has been extremely valuable in our ability to execute our pseudo delta neutral strategies,” RoboLabs co-founder and CEO, Matt Smart, told Chainlink Today. “As a member of the Chainlink BUILD program, we have the opportunity to provide further input into future iterations of the automation product, which gives us the opportunity to unlock future new features for RoboVault.”

When it comes to building a successful DeFi platform, Smart said integrating Chainlink’s decentralized infrastructure is essential to satisfying user demand for security and reliability.

“For DeFi users, this is an obvious green flag when completing their due diligence process and deciding if our product meets their risk/reward profile,” he explained.

Ultimately, Smart believes participating in BUILD will empower the RoboVault team to create the best product for its users while contributing to DeFi’s expansion.

“Working closely with Chainlink will allow us to draw on their expertise, helping us level up on how we operate, while also providing extremely valuable insights on how we design and build future iterations of RoboVault,” he said.

“We’re now ready to develop new advanced trading strategies that offer unparalleled security through the use of additional Chainlink services. With further developments, stronger security guarantees, and the support of the Chainlink community, we’re confident that we will help drive the mainstream adoption of DeFi.”

To learn more about RoboVault, visit their website, Twitter, Discord, and Medium.

Learn more about Chainlink BUILD and apply here.

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