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Nifty Royale Integrates Chainlink To Create Battle Royale-Style NFT Experience

Dynamic NFTs offer a unique opportunity for professional athletes and world-renowned artists to continually engage with their fans and collectors. Now, new distribution models using Chainlink’s decentralized services are gamifying the experience of acquiring NFTs in an entertaining and provably fair way.

Spring 2021 Chainlink Virtual Hackathon runner-up Nifty Royale is a new kind of NFT marketplace that’s disrupting the NFT world by using Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function) and Chainlink Keepers to power blockchain-based battle royale games where all participants have a provably fair chance to acquire 1/1 edition NFTs.

“Nifty Royale innovates how NFTs with different rarity levels are distributed to collectors, and breaks down barriers for the average NFT collector to acquire 1/1 NFTs,” said Co-Founder Tim Nan. “Instead of auctions and seemingly endless bidding wars, collectors are now able to acquire 1/1 edition NFTs through a fun, provably fair battle royale game that is executed on the blockchain.”

The Nifty Royale platform facilitates primary market sales of original NFT artwork through curated “drops.” Once purchased, a drop’s base NFTs are automatically entered into a battle royale game that uses Chainlink VRF to randomly eliminate individual NFTs through rounds that are automated by Chainlink Keepers until only one NFT remains. While all participants retain ownership of their NFTs, the winning NFT is enhanced to a 1/1 edition with unique dynamic attributes.

Soon after Nifty Royale’s launch with Chainlink on mainnet, the platform dropped its genesis NFT, an original portrait of Chainlink Co-Founder Sergey Nazarov created by world-renowned Australian street artist Lushsux. The genesis battle royale will begin on 6/1 at 5pm PST and the winning NFT will be upgraded to a 1/1 edition featuring an animated Chainlink background.

Nan said the collaboration with Lushsux, who has experience working with similar NFT concepts, happened serendipitously through the Chainlink Virtual Hackathon. “Once we got connected to him we pitched our version of battle royale and he was super excited to be working with us on this innovative method of distributing NFTs,” Nan said.

Despite the artist’s acclaim and mysterious persona, Nan described Lushsux as a genuinely humble and generous person to work with. “He has provided our team with a tremendous amount of support and guidance throughout this journey of building and launching a new platform. We are extremely grateful to have been given this opportunity,” Nan said. 

Lushsux’s portrait of Nazarov illustrates how well his art translates to NFTs. With a robust record of previous NFT sales, his work often portrays people and memes that are popular with the cryptocurrency community. Nan said street art adapted to NFTs can be enriched through a process that both showcases the composability of artistic mediums and offers new opportunities for monetization.

“By giving people the ability to purchase the street artist’s work as NFTs, artists are now able to gain profits from the amazing pieces they put out for others to enjoy,” he said.

The Nifty Royale platform, whose next NFT drop will feature the award-winning comic book colorist Paul Mounts and other Image Comics artists and writers, ultimately allows creators to expand the reach of their NFTs to more collectors without diminishing the scarcity of their work.

Said Nan, “Nifty Royale has created a new channel for the creator to engage with their collectors and to level the playing field for collectors to acquire their tokenized art pieces.”

To learn more about Nifty Royale, visit their website, Twitter, Medium and Discord.

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