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Nakamoto Games Raises The Bar On Transparency With Chainlink VRF Integration

Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function) plays a vital role in blockchain-based gaming ecosystems because it provides a source of auditable, on-chain randomness that cannot be tampered with by third parties including the games’ players and creators. NFT mints powered by VRF give all participants a provably fair chance to mint a game’s rarest and most valuable assets, which incentivizes user participation and fosters community growth.

Hundreds of web3 gaming projects have already integrated Chainlink as industry-standard decentralized infrastructure. Among the latest to join the Chainlink ecosystem is Nakamoto Games – a blockchain gaming platform featuring 20 play-to-earn titles and hundreds of thousands of users – which recently integrated Chainlink VRF to randomly distribute its NAKA Punks NFTs through NAKA Punks Mystery Boxes.

NAKA Punks is Nakamoto Games’ premium NFT collection designed to underpin its play-to-earn gaming ecosystem. A spokesperson for Nakamoto Games told Chainlink Today that integrating Chainlink VRF enhances the value of NAKA Punks because it raises the bar on transparency. 

“Now, NAKA Punks holders can independently verify on-chain that they have rare assets,” the spokesperson said. “By extension, this means that Nakamoto Games has set the highest possible transparency standards and aligned NAKA Punks for future growth.”

The Nakamoto Games team said that in addition to improving the user experience for its global community of players, the Chainlink VRF integration will also support further development of its upcoming NAKA Punks marketplace, telling Chainlink Today:

“Integrating the industry-leading decentralized oracle network is a huge and exciting milestone for us. Nakamoto Games plans to explore additional Chainlink integrations that would bring more value to our user base. We’re glad to be a Chainlink pioneer in the play-to-earn gaming industry and will carry this mantle with great pride.”

To learn more about Nakamoto Games, visit their website, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and Medium.

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