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Introducing Chainlinked: A Chainlink Ecosystem Podcast

Welcome to Chainlinked: A Chainlink Ecosystem Podcast. This preview episode features a quick look at what to expect on Chainlinked.

Chainlinked is a pocket-sized podcast series looking at the many applications of Chainlink blockchain oracles across global enterprise, the blockchain industry, and emerging tech projects. 

It is available on all major podcasting platforms:

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We break down the news and frame Chainlink technical innovations and integrations for any listener. The podcast will examine Chainlink Ecosystem news, especially integrations but also technical updates, interesting use cases, and growing community developments.

As your host, I’ll work to bring some of these highly technical conversations down to earth to help contextualize Chainlink adoption and use cases, and ultimately give listeners the tools to have these conversations on their own.

Thank you to Chainlink Today for helping host and distribute Chainlinked and to Boyan the Bard for supplying the tunes.

Find me (Andy Boyan) and Chainlink Today on Twitter, and Boyan the Bard on Twitch and don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and review the podcast on YouTube to help the algorithms find more Chainlink enthusiasts and future builders.

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