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How Chainlink VRF Allows Pixel Vault’s IP To Take Shape Around A Collective Vision

Pixel Vault is a media group leveraging blockchain technology to develop unique IP for crypto-native assets across a variety of verticals. Its first project, PUNKS Comic, generates a story arc following 16 original characters from the CryptoPunks NFT collection, and its second project, MetaHero Universe, unites 146 original core NFT characters in a decentralized gaming ecosystem. 

In order to fairly and transparently power its NFT drops and giveaways, Pixel Vault integrated Chainlink VRF last October, when Pixel Vault founder Sean Gearin told Chainlink Today that VRF is crucial to upholding Pixel Vault’s commitment to decentralization and trustlessness. 

“Our community’s support is not something we take lightly – after all, these early proponents are building along with us,” he said.

Recently, Gearin shared Pixel Vault’s continued success utilizing Chainlink VRF to fulfill its community’s creative vision. 

“Pixel Vault aims to be a web3 studio of sorts, really bringing to life IP in a new and exciting way, leveraging the blockchain to enhance the entertainment experience and allowing users to be more than just an audience – to actually be participants in the IP,” he said.  

In addition to using Chainlink VRF to power its MetaHero Universe core character NFT drops, Pixel Vault used Chainlink’s technology to set up an on-chain queue system for the PUNKS Comic Issue #2 collector’s edition mint.

“We were able to set up time frames that people could mint during and we were able to verifiably randomize that selection of the sample so our participants were able to have that sort of pack-opening type experience and stay true to what it means to be open, transparent, and embracing blockchain technology,” he explained. 

Gearin said Chainlink’s decentralized oracle networks and services like VRF strategically align with Pixel Vault’s embrace of blockchain technology, allowing the platform to build a strong rapport with its community.

“Integrating with Chainlink has allowed the Pixel Vault team to earn a reputation for gas-efficient and verifiably fair drops for our collectors, which is incredibly important. We don’t want our collectors wasting any money and we certainly want them to feel like things are done in a fair manner.”

He emphasized how Chainlink’s oracle infrastructure allows Pixel Vault’s community to rally around a collective and enduring vision. 

“We’ve been extremely happy working with Chainlink. At the end of the day, if you have a reputation for providing a quality service to collectors, I think you know they’ll keep coming back and want to interact within your ecosystem. So whatever we can do to make our experience as seamless as possible, as fair as possible, we always want to do so.”

Watch Pixel Vault founder Sean Gearin’s Chainlink success story.

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