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For IP Development Group Pixel Vault, Chainlink VRF Is Key To Community Rewards

When it comes to creating unique intellectual property (IP) for crypto-native assets like NFTs, transparency and auditability are indispensable. Chainlink VRF allows NFT projects to issue collections and rewards in a provably fair, verifiably random way by generating random numbers alongside cryptographic proof. 

Pixel Vault is one media group fostering unique IP for crypto-native assets across a variety of verticals including gaming, film, television, print media, and merchandise. Its first project, PUNKS Comic, takes the popular CryptoPunks NFT collection to new realms by following the story of 16 original characters (PUNKS) based on 16 of the popular CryptoPunks being fractionalized by Fractional.

For its next project, MetaHero Universe, Pixel Vault is integrating Chainlink VRF on Ethereum mainnet to fairly and transparently distribute NFT rewards to the decentralized social and gaming platform’s early supporters. Pixel Vault founder Sean Gearin told Chainlink Today that Chainlink VRF is key to distributing the project’s reward NFTs because its process is verifiable by the community.

“This is particularly important for the distribution of our MetaHero Core Collection, as it is a premium set of only 146 characters that will be used in our future gaming platform, MetaHero Universe,” he said.

He explained that the heart of Pixel Vault is its commitment to rewarding original collectors. 

“Our community’s support is not something we take lightly – after all, these early proponents are building along with us,” he said.

“Blockchain technologies allow for full transparency in our actions, and Chainlink VRF is a perfect example of how we’ve been able to leverage them. In rewarding our community, Chainlink VRF provides a verifiably fair, tamper-proof method of randomization with which we conduct giveaways among Pixel Vault NFT holders.”

Ultimately, this means collectors don’t simply have to take Pixel Vault’s word that rewards were distributed fairly. “They now have access to the exact randomization procedure we apply to generate reward winners,” Gearin said.

Chainlink VRF will also be used to distribute MetaHero Universe DAO tokens that holders can use to help build and govern the platform. 

“Decentralization and trustlessness are crucial to Pixel Vault, to our collectors, and to the space as a whole,” Gearin said. “We will continue to push the boundaries and explore new solutions that allow us to operate in a fair and transparent manner.”

To learn more about Pixel Vault, visit their website, Discord, Twitter and check out the  PUNKS Comic Twitter and MetaHero Twitter. 

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