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Coin98 Launches Chainlink Price Feed In Shared Vision Of Multi-Chain Future

The rapid growth of the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry is due in large part to its permissionless composability, which allows developers to build innovative protocols with time-tested, industry-standard infrastructure. A fundamental piece of this infrastructure is Chainlink Price Feeds, which secure tens of billions of dollars in smart contracts across multiple blockchains and layer-2s.

Cross-chain DeFi platforms can expand the utility of their native tokens by launching their own Chainlink Price Feeds. This enables permissionless composability that gives rise to use cases such as lending markets, leverage platforms, and prediction markets.

This week, all-in-one DeFi platform Coin98 launched a Chainlink Price Feed for its native governance token on BNB Chain and Ethereum mainnets. This will allow other DeFi platforms to easily integrate Coin98, expanding the reach and functionality of Coin98 in the broader DeFi space. 

Minh Ho, Head of Growth at Coin98, told Chainlink Today that the launch marks a milestone for the platform’s 1M+ users worldwide. “Our big mission has always been getting people access to DeFi, and we have been building up the Coin98 Ecosystem to do so,” he said. 

As a comprehensive DeFi hub, Coin98 offers a full suite of products including multi-chain wallets and liquidity aggregators. The Coin98 community governance token is used to steer the platform’s future growth.

Ho said integrating Chainlink’s decentralized price data expands the scope of Coin98 while advancing the broader goal of a multi-chain future.

“Chainlink has always been a true pioneer and leader in the DeFi space and we are very happy to join their ecosystem,” he said. “We truly believe we share the same vision here and are keen to explore even more collaborations in the future.”

To learn more about Coin98, visit their website, Twitter, Discord, and Telegram.

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