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Chainlink Launches Transporter, A CCIP-Powered Cross-Chain Bridging App

Today, Chainlink, the industry-standard decentralized computing platform, announced the launch of Transporter, a highly secure app for bridging tokens and messages across blockchains. Transporter is powered by Chainlink’s Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP), the industry standard for cross-chain interoperability. 

Transporter was built in association with the Chainlink Foundation and with support from Chainlink Labs to simplify access to the cross-chain economy. Features include an intuitive UI, 24/7 global support, and a visual tracker that allows users to continuously monitor the state of their assets and messages through every step of a transaction. Among Transporter’s early adopters are prominent venture capital firms, Fourth Revolution Capital and Moonrock Capital.

CCIP achieves the highest level of cross-chain security by utilizing Chainlink’s time-tested oracle infrastructure, which has enabled over $10.5 trillion in transaction value, and a separate Risk Management Network. Leveraging CCIP’s defense-in-depth security model, Transporter enables high-value token transfers across a range of blockchains, beginning with Arbitrum, Avalanche, Base, BNB Chain, Ethereum, Optimism, Polygon, and WEMIX.

In an official announcement, Moonrock Capital CEO Simon Dedic underscored Transporter’s ability to amplify the blockchain industry’s expansion through CCIP. 

“We’re excited to witness the launch of Transporter, which we expect to play a significant role in bringing secure cross-chain connectivity to a large user base across the blockchain ecosystem,” he said. “We look forward to seeing Transporter’s seamless user experience and Chainlink CCIP’s unparalleled cross-chain security bring about the next stage of blockchain adoption.”

“I expect that Transporter will quickly establish itself as the standard for cross-chain enablement for high-value use cases,” said Nomatic, an investor at Fourth Revolution Capital. “Chainlink has proven itself time and time again, and CCIP is a powerful engine which has the potential to fuel a huge amount of growth and innovation.”

“Transporter makes it easier to utilize the security benefits of Chainlink CCIP for the transfer of large token value and critical messages across chains,” said Chainlink co-founder Sergey Nazarov. “Having a secure way to move both value and data across chains is something the blockchain industry has needed for years and I’m excited that Transporter is making that more accessible.”

Chainlink also introduced CCIP’s lock and unlock mechanism, which allows virtually any token to be securely transferred cross-chain by locking tokens on a source chain and releasing an equivalent amount of tokens on a destination chain. An initial use case for lock and unlock allows ETH to be transferred cross-chain via WETH token pools.

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