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Chainlink BUILD Projects To Receive Key Tools And Services Through GitHub For Startups

The Chainlink BUILD program fosters promising early-stage startups in Chainlink’s ecosystem, which receive enhanced access to key infrastructure and technical support in exchange for paying fees that incentivize Chainlink service providers and boost the network’s cryptoeconomic security.

Today, Chainlink Labs announced its collaboration with GitHub to provide eligible BUILD projects with special access to key software development and educational tools along with technical support through GitHub for Startups.

Chainlink is the industry-leading web3 services platform, having enabled over $8 trillion in transaction value by providing secure, reliable off-chain data and computation to leading dApps across industries such as DeFi, decentralized insurance, and blockchain-based gaming.

As the world’s largest AI-powered platform for building, scaling, and delivering secure software, GitHub is used by more than 100 million developers and over 4 million organizations including 90% of Fortune 100 companies. In a press announcement, Chainlink Labs highlighted the “natural fit” between GitHub’s secure, scalable software development tools and web3’s decentralized infrastructure.

“We’re excited to collaborate with GitHub and help Chainlink BUILD projects access the tools and services needed to help securely scale their Web3 applications,” said Kate Lane, Partnerships at Chainlink Labs. “With greater access to GitHub’s industry-leading platform, technical experts, and vast global network, they will be better positioned to build, test, and launch decentralized applications that achieve mass adoption.”

Eligible BUILD projects will receive 20 seats of GitHub Enterprise free for one year, exclusive educational sessions for high-growth startups, invites to networking events across GitHub’s global community, access to domain experts, and live demos of new and upcoming products.

“We’re excited to partner with Chainlink Labs to help support Chainlink BUILD members with enhanced access to GitHub Enterprise, networking events, technical resources, and more,” said Garrett Wood, Senior Manager, Startup Programs at GitHub. “Both Chainlink Labs and GitHub provide developers with secure, scalable, and cutting-edge technologies that enable the creation of highly robust applications, and together we will help developers build next-gen solutions.”

BUILD is a key tenet of Economics 2.0, a roadmap for Chainlink’s continued cross-chain expansion through increasing revenue capture and reducing the cost of oracle reports. Over the past year, dozens of web3 projects have joined BUILD to pioneer new use cases by mutually aligning incentives with the Chainlink Network and its vast ecosystem.

Some of the most recent additions to BUILD include DLT Payments, which is launching a non-custodial web3 payment platform; EtherScore, which is building a decentralized on-chain reputation system; and Lendvest, which is developing a decentralized credit score framework.

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