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Trevon Diggs And Dez Bryant Inspire Athletes To Build Their Brands With Chainlink-Powered NFTs

Former Dallas Cowboys’ wide receiver Dez Bryant rang in 2022 with the announcement that his digital branding platform, Personal Corner, is integrating Chainlink Sports Data Feeds to launch dynamic NFTs for NFL stars like current Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs. This week, Bryant and Diggs joined Chainlink Live host Andy Boyan to talk about how they approach NFTs and where they’re excited to see the space go in the future. 

If the world learned one thing from the “Big Bang” of 2021, it’s that “the future” is rapidly approaching. Diggs learned about NFTs just six months ago, when Bryant told him, “You gotta get into this space.” Diggs quickly fell through a rabbit hole of YouTube content explaining the concept.

“Ever since, I’ve just been locked in,” he said. 

Personal Corner’s Series 1 launch will include NFTs for NFL stars like Diggs, Maxx Crosby, Von Miller, and Marquise “Hollywood” Brown. Chainlink oracles will upgrade each athlete’s NFT to reflect their career stats – touchdowns, interceptions, tackles – in real time while connecting fans with opportunities to win real-world rewards like tickets to future events and signed memorabilia from their favorite athlete’s personal collection.  

Diggs said he sees NFTs as a gateway to form genuine friendships with fans who have supported his career the most. “It just gives me the opportunity to give back to them for supporting me,” he said.

“You get to have a piece of me. Because I’m sharing something that means so much to me with you.”

Bryant created Personal Corner back in 2016 to help athletes, many of whom are unprepared or underprepared for life after sports, to take ownership of their brands on and off the field. Early to join the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Bryant saw NFTs as a perfect opportunity for athletes to build communities around their career achievements.

“I want these guys to own what they put out,” Bryant said, noting that athletes are often so blinded by the “glitz and glamor” of their careers that they don’t see the end coming. “That end comes for everybody, and you need to be prepared for it,” he said. From his perspective, blockchain technology is a way for athletes to immortalize their careers. 

“I just feel like everything belongs on the blockchain.” 

Diggs said that while NFTs are still a new concept for many NFL players, everyone’s interested.

“It’s definitely a hot topic,” he said. “If you’re smart, you’re talking about NFTs.”

Bryant believes that today’s dynamic NFT is just a preview of what the space has to offer. “If you ask me, it’s limitless,” he said. “You can go as far as you want to go. This is just the beginning of something special.”

Watch Andy Boyan’s full conversation with Trevon Diggs And Dez Bryant. 

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