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Tiingo Founder Rishi Singh Explains Why Democratizing Data Yields The Greatest Innovation

During Chainlink’s 2022 SmartCon event, September 28-29 in New York City, Nasdaq TradeTalks’ Jill Malandrino hosted a two-day interview lineup with founders of influential protocols in the Chainlink ecosystem who were among the conference’s 100+ expert speakers

After chatting with Oasis Labs founder Dawn Song about web3 opportunities created by privacy computing, Malandrino met with Rishi Singh, the founder and CEO of Tiingo, a platform built on providing clean, reliable financial data. As part of the Chainlink Network, Tiingo empowers developers with a wide variety of financial datasets used to trigger smart contract execution.

Singh, who’s written about democratizing access to financial data and analytics for Chainlink Today, told Malandrino that “making data accessibility a priority” is what sets Tiingo apart. 

“Tiingo is really a vehicle to spread a cultural change, and that cultural change is demonstrating that love is the ideal way to run a business,” he said. 

“Think about what you do for friends, family, somebody you deeply love. There’s an undying creativity there. That is how we express this love, in creating a beautiful project.”

Singh believes democratizing financial literacy through access to data and analytics yields the greatest society-wide innovation. He recounted how the idea behind Tiingo came out of the 2008 financial crisis. 

“What I saw was inequity,” he said of the financial data gap. “What I knew I could solve this problem with is, ‘What if we make data available to all? What if we make analytics available to all?’”

Singh said that, as the blockchain industry’s leading decentralized oracle network, Chainlink has likewise promoted data accessibility.

“Our relationship with them is very non-transactional. It’s all about creating the most good.”

When it comes to Tiingo’s next steps, Singh’s focused on scalability. 

“If we have a thousand enterprise customers, we can reasonably predict how they’ll use the product, but if we have one hundred thousand retail customers, then we have a scalability problem,” he said. “Over the next few years, I really want us to focus on creating a framework where we can create a new product and immediately make it available to one hundred thousand new customers.”

Watch Jill Malandrino’s full interview with Rishi Singh on Nasdaq TradeTalks.

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