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Startup With Chainlink Paves The Way For Promising Web3 Projects

As the blockchain industry’s leading oracle network, Chainlink is building decentralized services such as secure price data, verifiable randomness, and trust-minimized automation that power more sophisticated smart contracts across multiple top blockchains in an increasingly multi-chain world.

In addition to providing crucial web3 infrastructure, Chainlink is fostering talented teams that are using these tools to build world-changing applications through events like its widely attended annual hackathons. Winners of Chainlink hackathons have gone on to found full-fledged startups and bring some of the world’s most high-profile entrepreneurs on board as strategic advisors.

Today, Chainlink Labs announced its new program, Startup with Chainlink, aimed at empowering more early-stage web3 startups with the resources they need to succeed. Chainlink Labs’ managing director of corporate development and strategy, David Post, said that while getting a crypto project off the ground can be challenging, Startup with Chainlink will be “a blueprint that quickly demystifies the process so builders can focus on building.”

Chainlink Labs’ Lauren Halstead, who helped launch the project, said some of the biggest obstacles founders face include homing in on the problem they want to solve, assembling the right team to solve that problem, and finding the funding they need to turn their vision into reality.

“At Startup with Chainlink, we want to connect founders with the people and resources that can help them achieve their vision faster and in the most successful way possible,” Halstead told Chainlink Today.

She said Startup with Chainlink nurtures talented teams in tandem with Chainlink’s other community- and ecosystem-building events.

“We encourage everyone to come and build with us at all of our events. The Chainlink hackathons are a great place for Startup with Chainlink to recognize stand-out projects. Our hackathons provide technical building skills from our incredible developer relationship team to help builders learn how to integrate Chainlink products into successful projects.”

There is no cost to join Startup with Chainlink. Participants will have the opportunity to connect with other founders and entrepreneurs around the world, learn from resources that streamline tasks like scaling, operations, and industry best practices, and gain access to exclusive events and webinars.

Founders can also apply to receive expert business, strategy, design, marketing, and technical mentorship from a team representing top organizations such as Barclays, Paxos, IBM, Oracle, Prysm Group, and more. Standout teams will gain access to a network of premier venture capitalists and technology providers including Blockdaemon, The Graph, Filecoin, Ceramic, LinkPool, Capbase, and Serotonin.

As web3 industries grow from the ground up, Halstead said “the sky’s the limit” to what developers can create inside Startup with Chainlink. “Whatever gets someone excited, we’d love to see how they can creatively contribute to the space. It’s always very exciting to see how new tools help developers build innovative projects that bridge web2 and web3.”

Learn more about Startup with Chainlink and apply here.

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