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Seedify Forms Channel Partnership With Chainlink Labs To Fuel GameFi’s Mass Adoption

GameFi continues to flourish with some reports projecting the industry could climb to nearly $75 billion in ten years. Experts like Microsoft’s Yorke Rhodes III have highlighted gaming as one of the strongest links between web2 and web3. Compared to traditional web2 gaming, web3 offers players a host of benefits including decentralized governance and ownership of in-game assets that follow them throughout the metaverse.

As the blockchain industry’s leading decentralized oracle network, Chainlink is building infrastructure that enhances the web3 gaming experience. For example, Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function) is a source of decentralized, tamper-proof randomness that enables the creation of provably fair and exciting on-chain gaming ecosystems.

In order to boost the growth of GameFi and NFT projects through Chainlink’s industry-standard oracle solutions, blockchain gaming incubator and launchpad Seedify recently announced its channel partnership with Chainlink Labs

“Chainlink is the ideal partner to grow our incubation program in every way,” Seedify’s business development manager, Alejandro Lillo, told Chainlink Today. He said Chainlink-powered hybrid smart contracts will provide a “qualitative leap” for projects and partners in Seedify’s ecosystem, as well as the broader GameFi space. 

“At this point in the GameFi and NFT industry, we need the key players developing the industry to collaborate as much as possible in driving the overall positive growth,” he said. “We need to pool know-how and scale our developments to achieve sustainable mass adoption in the nearest future.”

“We believe that ‘gaming’ is the golden thread that binds web2 and web3,” said Seedify’s marketing manager, Laura Mallory. She told Chainlink Today that partnering with Chainlink Labs will allow projects in Seedify’s ecosystem to evolve alongside fundamental advancements in the GameFi space, particularly the shift from P2E (play-to-earn) to a play-and-earn model that emphasizes entertaining gameplay alongside sustainable systems for ownership and rewards.

“We acknowledge that players want more from games,” said Mallory. “These changes are paramount to the mass adoption of blockchain gaming.”

To learn more about Seedify, visit their website, Twitter, Telegram, and Medium.

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