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NFT Play-To-Earn Game Binemon Integrates Chainlink VRF For Tamper-Proof Raffles

Blockchain-based play-to-earn games are rewarding players for their contributions by giving them ownership of their in-game assets and allowing them to earn real-world income. Because NFT ownership is vital to participating and succeeding in these communities, gaming platforms must ensure fair, tamper-proof, and publicly auditable NFT mints.

Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function) is the industry-standard source of random number generation (RNG) for blockchain gaming because it provides on-chain cryptographic proof that the process is tamper-resistant and truly random. This allows players to verify that they have a fair shot at minting rare virtual items instead of simply trusting the game’s developers.

This week, NFT play-to-earn game Binemon integrated Chainlink VRF on BNB Chain. Binemon combines several genres including gacha, collectible, and idle RPG to build a virtual pet world in which more than 240,000 players collect NFT eggs and train characters to battle each other. VRF will assign a verifiably random number to each opened Binemon egg in order to fairly and transparently determine winners of raffles and special events.

“Providing our community with a high standard of transparency is essential, which is why integrating Chainlink VRF was a simple decision,” said Binemon CEO Frank Desifone. “The industry-standard RNG solution helps us give stronger assurances to our player base that our raffles are provably fair and tamper-proof.”

Binemon’s roadmap for its metaverse expansion include plans to integrate secure smart contract automation service, Chainlink Keepers, and Chainlink Price Feeds for delivering high-quality, real-world data on-chain.    

To learn more about Binemon, visit their website, Twitter, Telegram Channel, Telegram Chat, and Discord.

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