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Metalink Creates New Standard For Fair, Transparent NFT Giveaways With Chainlink VRF

Randomness is essential to blockchain-based games and NFTs because it introduces excitement and unpredictability. But blockchains need an oracle network to serve as a secure, tamper-proof, transparent source of randomness for key functions like determining in-game outcomes and minting NFTs with unique traits.

Hundreds of top blockchain-based gaming and NFT projects have integrated Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function) to generate on-chain randomness with cryptographic proof that is auditable by their communities. This is especially important for giveaways, where participants want to know they have a fair shot at winning rare NFTs. 

Metalink is a social app for NFT communities that’s taking NFT giveaways to a new level. Today, Metalink announced it’s integrating Chainlink VRF on Ethereum mainnet to provide cryptographic randomness for giveaways that broaden access to top-tier NFTs. 

“With high-stakes and high-value contests, it’s important that our community trust in the system and know that they have an equal shot of winning,” Metalink founder and CEO Jake Udell told Chainlink Today. “Chainlink VRF allows us to confirm that we are running the fairest, most secure, confirmed random raffles possible.” 

Additionally, VRF will be integrated into the frontend features of Metalink’s Launchpad platform, allowing any NFT collection hosted on Metalink to run their own verifiably random giveaways.

“This will effectively templatize the Chainlink VRF experience, making it accessible to any project looking to create secure and random contests,” Udell said.

Released just last year, Metalink’s Launchpad has already coordinated a series of prominent NFT giveaways, including Coolman’s Universe, which has since generated over $50 million in total trading volume. Metalink’s Chainlink integration will first power a series of weekly DeadFellaz giveaways beginning with custom Nike Air Force 1s designed by Sekure D.

Udell underscored the importance of decentralized randomness when it comes to such high-value giveaways. 

“The next generation’s first exposure to crypto will likely be winning NFTs in a gaming experience. We aspire to be the premier destination where they can display, socialize around, and trade these NFTs with the community.”

He said that allowing NFT projects to run raffles through Chainlink VRF without having to build their own smart contracts exemplifies Metalink’s commitment to growing alongside the NFT community, creating value for creators and collectors, and making the experience more secure, accessible, and inclusive.

“We’re honored to join the Chainlink ecosystem and put a great solution for the NFT community to work on our platform,” he said. “It’s amazing to be able to provide a link for more projects to access the tool, while making the world of web3 more fair, transparent, and durable.”

To learn more about Metalink, visit their website and Twitter.

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