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Linea Integrates Chainlink Data Feeds

Linea is an innovative, developer-friendly layer 2 (L2) created by Consensys to power the next generation of Ethereum-based decentralized applications (dApps). Today, Linea announced its integration of Chainlink Data Feeds to give developers access to the decentralized, hyper-reliable data needed to build feature-rich dApps that advance decentralized finance (DeFi), onchain gaming, and the tokenization of real-world assets.

Chainlink Data Feeds connect onchain applications with offchain data related to weather, events, currencies, markets, and more. To date, Chainlink Price Feeds have securely enabled more than $8.8 trillion in transaction value throughout the decentralized economy, making Chainlink the industry-leading web3 services platform.

In an official announcement, Consensys’ Chief Strategy Officer, Simon Morris, said Chainlink Data Feeds will allow developers to better leverage the intrinsic scalability of Linea’s zk-rollup solution to create exciting high-throughput dApps. 

“It’s abundantly clear that secure and reliable access to offchain data is key to unlocking a rich application ecosystem for any blockchain, which is why we chose to integrate Chainlink Data Feeds,” he said. “Chainlink Data Feeds are the most adopted data solution in web3, and we’re excited to see what Linea developers can build with seamless access to secure and accurate offchain data.”

To learn more about Linea, visit their website, X (formerly known as Twitter), and Discord.

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